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Doing The Paper Shuffle

Good afternoon people….

Today was the day to renew my expired Murican driving licence down at the DMV.


Having filled in the required form on line and made me an appointment on line, I thought – “Simple”  His Lordship had been a few days ago and it took him no time at all, waltzed in, waltzed out. DONE.

Me, on the other hand!  I turn up ten minutes before the said appointment time, hoping to scan the barcode on my confirmation sheet –  NO! There he is Mr Jobsworth, in his DMV Fleece jacket – “You have an appointment?”  to which I answer, “Yes, I do”….  and he directs me to a queue of persons who already look as though they have taken root.  Oh well, I think, I will stand here for a bit.  I did stand there for a bit and then had a thought after watching Mr Jobsworth directing others who were there to renew their licence elsewhere.  I stepped out of line – shocking I know, to ask “I’m just here to renew my licence I thought I scan the barcode”.    “NO – YOU HAVE APPOINTMENT – STAY IN LINE” he ever so nicely tells me.  I think the wearing of the DMV fleece jacket had given him secret powers over people……. Perhaps he needs a badge –


SO, there I stood – waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting – line slowly, slowly moves…… bearing in mind that there are groups of people in this line, so it may be only eight of them but each person in the group seemed to be going up one at a time so in reality there was in fact 15/16 people in front of me.

My so called appointment time came and went – Surprise – not really…..  still stood standing waiting, waiting, waiting…….  got down to five lots in front of me and then I realise that not only is the one person who is dealing with the queue I am in, they are also taking people from a selection of benches at the side of the room where there are people that are walk-ins applying for their first driving licence.   So, I ask you my friends, what is the point of an appointment system?  Why can’t you just renew the sodding licence on line.  I know the answer to that – there has to be jobs for everybody Waiting in Lineand money making schemes – so get the great Murican public to go and stand around for hours on end whilst lucky people employed by the DMV can shuffle papers around and make copies – AGAIN -of passport, Social Security Number, Visa and a utility bill.   None of these agencies are “joined up” – things are in “the system” but no “system” is joined up to any other one as far as I can tell.


Guess what people – I didn’t wait – I thought 40 minutes after the appointment time was long enough.  Well, His Lordship will be pleased – that’s a whole $12 saved.

I will drive about on my UK licence for the remaining 26 days.



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