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The Things We Do For Our Dogs

Hello people.

This is probably going to be quite a short missive today.  Not much to tell you really, that I haven’t told you before.  Back when we were planning our move TO the USA so if you could just think back to the blogs about that and reverse the countries.  👍

However, I will say one thing about the process of actually finding somebody to move us back.  I have been in contact with a number of International moving companies, one of which did actually come out to the house and do a survey.  Spoke about this briefly in a previous chat if you remember.

Anyway, moving on.  I had yet to find anybody else that would come out and do a survey on site…. I had an arrangement with another company to do a video “walk through” on Monday of this week.  There was I sat, sitting waiting for said call – gave him until lunchtime but nothing – nada – zip!  I fired off a quick email to say I was now off out and give me a call later to do the pre-arranged walk through.  He replied – very happy to do a video walk through could I let him know when would be convenient.  I asked him to give me a call to arrange a time suitable.   It is now Wednesday afternoon and still waiting.  This company is based in Manhattan, not that far away, but cannot be arsed to make a trip to us. I have also been in contact with another company who asked his local agent to make contact, again nothing.12514113185_9cff2e0765_b Bloody Muricans!  I thought I would make contact with Pickfords in the UK who we used to move out here.  Sent off a general enquiry email to their International team on Monday afternoon.  Guess what people – I received a phone call yesterday morning telling me that they can co-ordinate everything from there. Marvelous, I thought let’s see if their local chap actually makes an arrangement to visit and survey the goods and chattels. I have to say in all honesty I wasn’t too hopeful that anybody would contact me but to my surprise, within the hour a chap had called me and he is making his way here from New Jersey to do a survey on Friday morning.  Now, if you could all keep your fingers crossed that the price isn’t too hideous that would be fabulous. I thank you.FingersCrossedHandEmoji

That went off at a bit of a tangent – I do apologise, not what I was going to ramble on about at all.  What I was going to chat about, in actual fact, is our mode of transportation back to Blighty.

Those of you who are my actual friends, will know that I am not a fan of boats of any shape or size.  Have no desire to spend any time on a boat, no inclination to go on a cruise for my holidays. So what do we do – book a crossing on a bloody boat! SEVEN – yes seven, whole nights and days on a boat. And why are we doing it this way I hear you ask?  For the dogs!  That’s right, you heard me…. for the dogs. IMG_0645We couldn’t bear the thought of the dogs being stuck in a box on their own in the hold of a plane again. So I am being extra brave and thinking positive. How bad can it be crossing the big ocean on a boat, for a week, in November?  I would prefer it if you didn’t actually answer that question – I want to get on the boat in complete ignorance.  You can see that the dogettes are thrilled about it.


Another thing about me is that I am not a girly-girl.


I may have mentioned that I like shoes and have several pairs. Oh and boots.  BUT I don’t wear dresses, skirts, or any of that nonsense. On said boat there is a dress code – bummer! No jeans after 6pm – what is a girl to do? Maybe spend the whole crossing visiting the dogs and in our cabin,  – ooops sorry – Stateroom, ordering copious amounts of food from room service and never to be seen in public after 6pm. Or the other option is to shop. Looking at the above Itinerary you can understand my dilemma – Smart Attire I can probably deal with from my wardrobe selection – my feet will look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S.  Gala Evening x3 may be a wee bit of an issue. His Lordship will be making a purchase of a new dark suit or possibly a dinner jacket ensemble, with a number of jolly bow ties (not the ready tied items I hasten to add) which will see him through the ordeal  crossing. Lucky chap. I wonder if one very marvelous frock would be in order or perhaps two. I can say with some certainty that there will be no dressing up for the Roaring Twenties Ball.






Until the next time – over and out …….




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