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A Pill For Everything

Today was “get ya Nails done day”…. so off I pop to the nail place that I frequent every couple of weeks.

Just Eeewwwww 

All as normal except that I am driving Syd the Subaru as Jeeves the Jeep has been in the garage since Monday. He had been recalled for a gazillion things, including the scariest one of all which is the fact that the Cruise Control won’t switch off. Not that we ever used Cruise Control but tell me if I am wrong, that is quite a worry if you can’t switch it off and you are hurtling down the road towards some immovable object. I know you have brakes but I would have thought trying to brake when your engine still thinks you should be doing 60-70mph might be a bit tough? Yes or No?  I don’t know – I’m a girl…..

Sorry – this wasn’t about Jeeves and his myriad of problems – but one last thing – the “loaner” is a Fiat 500 on steroids so His Lordship is trundling around in this – and it is exactly that colour.2016-fiat-500x-first-drive-review-car-and-driver-photo-657539-s-original


Right, back to my trip to the nail place – today’s riveting topic of conversation between salon owner and a client was all about her hot flashes and weight gain and how it can’t go on. The upshot of which is that she has heard of this new drug that you can get prescribed that will help you lose weight – a miracle I thought, I will get me some! Only kidding.  Anyway, you can have this drug if your BMI is more that 27 and hers is above 30 – Perfect.  She also gets her diet “food” from this doctor she was going to see – you know the sort of stuff – shakes and cereal bars.

How about just eat actual, healthy,  food and not the McDonald’s that I have seen her have on numerous occasions….  (not saying don’t ever eat said items or similar) Lo and behold she had phoned the doctor’s office this very morning and yes of course she is eligible to get this wonder drug and because her BMI is above 30 insurance will cover it. Minus her Co-Pay of course. Those of you that know me will by now know that I was giggling to myself and thinking I should look up this drug.

I quite surprised myself by remembering the name, which was very kindly spelt out for the client she was talking to – perhaps she is off to get her doctor to prescribe it for her. They seem to love to throw a pill at you for any little thing. It wouldn’t surprise me if this photo here is the amount of medication the average American (with insurance obvs) takes per day.  download (5)

Even the optician couldn’t quite believe that I wasn’t taking any sort of medication – “not even for blood pressure” he must have asked me about three times. Pill for high blood pressure, pill for low blood pressure, pill to thin your blood, pill to thicken your blood when it gets too thin, a pill for “just in case you feel unwell ever”.

When I arrived home from the nail doing – I of course looked up this wonder drug – not going to tell you its name though as I don’t want to cause a shortage when you all rush out and get some. Here is what it said about itself on the webpage:

“WonderDrug® is a prescription medicine that may help some adults lose weight along with reduced-calorie diet and increased physical activity.”

Now,  my first question to myself then was – What actually does it do then? If it only MAY help people lose weight if they are eating a reduced calorie diet along with increased exercise. Correct me if I am wrong – I could very well be, but I have always been under the impression that doing those two things would be helping you to lose weight without the WonderDrug being involved at all. Also to my horror – you inject this stuff under your skin – yourself!  (Image an EpiPen sort of device).  What happens if you inject it into a vein or muscle by mistake – to be honest I didn’t read as far as the disclaimers but I suspect they have the usual ones and the final one being “may result in death”

Mind is boggled yet again by Murican in Amrika ………..

images (13)

Speak soon people – Over and Out


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