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Long time No Hear

Good Day

Well, wouldn’t you know it…. we have now come full circle. We have started the process of shipping home. Actually, it started some time ago when we booked the voyage home. Have I told you about that? But now time is getting on and I must organise.

So, as previously mentioned there will be sorting of what is being shipped, what is staying with His Lordship (until such time as he returns to Blighty) and what is going to be “kerbed”.

Had a chap in the other week to see what was what and I was asked the question, “Why are you going back?” Even before I could draw a breath to answer him he piped up “Bet you’re sick of it here, I’m sick of it here and I’m from here!” What could I say to that I ask you? I just gave a sort of small chortle and moved on.  Have arranged with another company to give us a quote – but this will be via the Facetime or Skype.  Company based in Manhattan or close to and this is a bit far out and he wasn’t sure when they would next be out this way.   Technology eh?  Just hope it works. Or this may happen…….using-technology-at-work-vocabulary-3-638

I have to decide when we pack things up.  Do we pack up a couple of weeks before we are due to board the boat or do we leave it until His Lordship comes back after his trip to UK and Ireland?   I am leaning towards waiting until I’ve gone, but will all the right stuff come back?  That is the big question, not that I don’t think His Nibs is capable of saying what is to sail to Blighty, but I would have to put enormous great labels on stuff.  SO —– perhaps we will have it packed beforehand.  Decisions, decisions ……………



I shall let you know what I – oops, sorry WE, decide……

Just going to go off on a tangent now – you know how I do. Been on dog walk, usual story, didn’t see a soul until the last street, where there was an older woman coming out of her drive with a very fat Kings Charles Spaniel.Obese_Dog_300_1024x1024  No problem with that but she rushed it to the other side of the road, giving my very well-behaved, good mannered, non barking dogs a glare.  Being me, I ignored the person and spoke to the dog – “Hello you” I say, dog barks.  Fine, like owner, like dog – miserable!  I wandered off, not that I actually stopped, but I carried on with my little troop. It occurred to me that this miserable old bat was probably of the opinion that two of my dogs had muzzles.  It wouldn’t be the first time that the Italians have been avoided because of their headgear. One person actually, picked up her not so very small dog and asked if they were very aggressive as they were wearing muzzles. Now, I will admit that in the past one of the Italians has worn a muzzle, not because she was aggressive or fierce in any way shape or form.  But because, she was  a disgusting poo eater.

Let me just illustrate – (not the poo eating – obvs 😂)

The one on the left is Her Royal Highness Audrey – poo eating champion sporting her anti-poo eating MUZZLE.   The person on the right is wearing a DOGMATIC HEADCOLLAR, which were actually invented by Spinone owners. For ease of walking your dog(s).   Can you all see the difference?



114b8cc1c023ee8245781a5187e243b2I am quite close to ordering a couple of these lovely items for the Italians to wear around the neighbourhood – just to see the reaction of the Muricans as I approach with my two girls and the English Gentleman……  what do you think?

Over and out for the moment – will endeavour to be back soon……




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