Gardening & Decorating Tips-Long Island Style

Good Evening People.

Well, it’s that time of year again. You know, the season when the Mericans of Long Island become obsessed with watering the grass. Yes the beginning of May has been and gone and the sprinklers are on! (Not where I am though). Heaven forbid that there may be a patch of grass that isn’t bright, bright green.  If there has been a little bit of a dry spell and the grass has gone a bit crisp, do the Mericans not know that it will perk up after the first rain?

Apparently, April 15th is the date after which you can put fertiliser on the grass – who knew?  I shall have to remember for future reference back in Blighty.  As if I will be doing that!


OK, so lots of houses on Long Island have an awful lot of frontage and you will have to forgive me if I have gone on about this before. I just don’t get why those that have plants all have to the same plants out front. Is there a rule in the neighbourhood rule book that tells home owners what they can and cannot have in their front garden? You can have Hostas, (which just for the record I happen to like), Conifers of various shapes and sizes – all very sculpted – Azaleas – the brighter the colour the better seems to be the general feeling. And the ever popular Pompous Grass. (I know it isn’t called that but it is so full of itself) But what you don’t seem to be able to have is any imagination.hidden-gardens

Next item that will be in use is The Pool – now we have had some pretty hot days here already so you would think if you have a pool in your back garden, why not make use of it.  But no, you don’t open your pool until after Memorial Day which is May 28th – so there will be a flurry of excitement in the coming weeks, people organising their pool cleaning guys or whatever service that they need for that particular chore. Goodness knows, nobody could possible manage to do something themselves. Sticklers for rules are the Mercians on Long Island. Makes me giggle – quite a lot actually.

It was haircut day yesterday and as His Lordship will tell youEavesdropping, I do quite like to earwig other people’s conversations. In the chair next to me this morning was a youngish chap who had obviously just bought a house. Not sure whether it was his first house but the guy who was cutting his hair was full of all sorts of useful advise and style ideas. Which I will now pass on to you, dear reader. And you will be ever so grateful as your house will be worth thousands more – because Long Island Home Style Genius Hairdresser said so!

The top tip and this is according to his friend an interior decorator who does lots of decorating – clue is in the job title surely.  Anyway, I digress.  Top tip – if you have a large room don’t paint the ceiling white but take the wall colour and then for the ceiling use the same colour range but at least four shades lighter. If you have a really pale colour on the walls then surely the colour four shades down might as well be white? No?  On the other hand if you have a small room you can paint the ceiling white.


And don’t forget that your moulding must always be white, not just white but FLAT white.  If you really want to add even more value to your home, in the middle of the moulding, I presume he means in the boxie bit on the walls – put wallpaper. I must apologise now for any of you that have this in your homes. Not sure that it is a “thing” back in Blighty but I will do my very best to make it one. Next best tip from the Home Style Genius was to ALWAYS use satin paint it you are painting walls – for the sheen you know.  Personally and this is just my own preference you understand – I would not have a shiny wall – although maybe with the three doggettes dragging all sorts of goodness knows what inside, varnished walls might be the answer.😁

He was also very helpful with outside/landscaping tips too. Don’t put mulch against your house, use pebbles, he dug three feet down and put stones in there then used three inches of pebbles on top of that. 1-3-inch-delaware-stoneI am sure when he said that HE dug down three feet, he meant the guys he employed to do it dug a three foot deep trench around his house, filled it with large stones and topped it off with pebbles. Which I am sure looks lovely. I wonder if there are any plants?



Over and out

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