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Being Chivvied & Other Things

Why is it that when you are being chivvied along to get showered and dressed so you are ready to face the day, the person who is chivvi-ing then decides to do something else?  By the time you have showered, dressed, emptied the tumble dryer, put your outdoor boots on they are only just getting into the other bathroom to shower! Shower-Head-Extension-UkIs there some unwritten rule that says “two showers must not be used at the very same time” and if there is can one of you dear readers tell me which person made this rule. Was it a Chivvier by any chance? Doglettes ready to go and everything too so now whilst we wait I will be sat sitting blogging away. Said Chivvier will eventually emerge from the shower and appear by my side and ask innocently “Are you ready?”

So, moving on – all chivv-ing done with and walk, walked. Had lots of people stop and speak to the dogglettes – mostly The Italians as usual, but Sir Pickford just takes it all in his stride and behaves like the perfect gentleman he is.

We met a “double doodle” puppy of 4 months old.  Very cute little ball of fluff and I can hear some of you saying “A What Now?” The owner of said pupster told me – its mum was a Goldendoodle and its dad was a Labradoodle – so Double Doodle.   Right, a cross-breed of two cross breeds then….  does that make a mongrel? 🙂 You too can purchase one of these – “$1,100.00 – ‎In stock We have Double Doodle puppies for sale!” Goodness knows where they are in stock – some pet shop somewhere I presume as this seems to be the preferred method of puppy selling.  Particularly, these sorts of pups……. but don’t get me started on that.

This isn’t the actual one and not the ones for sale for that amount of money which roughly translates to £800.   Just thinking that you can get a proper dog for that – or two if you get a Sir Pickford.  Anyhow, I am sure the little thing will be looked after and loved by its new family.  

This blog might jump around from topic to topic but I did warn you in the title when I said “And other things.”

Snow is still melting slowly, half the back garden has no snow and the other half still has a good few inches left to melt – I blame the trees for the shade. No doubt that it will eventually disappear and hopefully the last dumping we had will be the last of this winter. It needs to cheer up and warm up now! Bored of it. Also with The OD coming for a visit, I am sure that she doesn’t want to be packing for all four seasons in one bag.

Hello People – so very sorry to have left you for so long, got side tracked by an emergency appendectomy situation.  But now that has been dealt with, here I am.

I have to say though, that it wasn’t MY appendix that was in need of removal, it was His Lordship’s.  And wouldn’t you know it, he was travelling at the time.  There he was minding his own business (well not really, he was minding the Company business🤪 ) in the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC. Why is it refered to as The Nation’s Capital?  I know it is, but why not just say the Capital?  Anyway, not going off on that tangent just now.   As I was saying, there His Lordship was trundling around Washington DC, when he was taken ill,  🤢, fortunately he was with a sensible colleague who thought it best he get checked out.  The Emergency services were called by the hotel and off he was whisked in an ambulance – nee-naws and lights going and everything – apparently. They took him to the NBC4DCFDAmbulanceGeorge Washington University Hospital, where he had numerous tests, blood taken, CT Scan and others that I have forgotten……. anyway the upshot was that he had appendicitis and the offending item needed to be removed.  It was done that evening and he had a one night stay in the hospital.  Missed out on a proper brekkie on the Friday morning though so had to have clear broth and Jello – please insert outraged face here.   Having been discharged from the hospital, he promptly got himself on a flight to JFK that afternoon, then drove himself the hour and a bit to the house. AA7 AppendixOops copy I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt here and say that he was still under the influence of whatever drugs he had been given and not thinking too clearly.  Mind you, His Lordship did take a full day off work on Monday – surely he must be fixed by now! Off he popped to work as usual on Tuesday – let’s remember he had surgery on Thursday evening, so what’s that – 3 whole days of rest? It’s no wonder that he felt really tired and was in pain is it?  Today, half a day in the office and half a day at home – but working.  I suppose that is an improvement 🙄





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