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Hello Peeps….

I know that some of you have followed this small blogette from the very beginning when we first set out on the Big Adventure to live in New York for a bit.  And during this time you will have listened to me wittering on about stuff and nonsense quite a lot of the time.  I remember writing one blog asking why is everything now a journey?  You know what I mean – the weight loss journey, the cooking show journey.  Well, anyway the point being that today I am going to tell you about my teeth’s ACTUAL journey.

That’s right – you read that right.  My teeth are on a journey.  Moving around my mouth into their new homes.   wind-up-walking-teeth

Let me explain.  In January 2017 I paid my first visit to the dentist over here!  In some ways I wish I hadn’t bothered because quite frankly it scared me.  My teeth were on the verge of falling out of my head apparently.  Sooooo, after a huge and painful deep, deep, deep clean of my teeth by the hygienist I moved on to Doc as he is known.  That’s when the fun really began.

On the plus side though – the fillings that were replaced are now white ones, not the ugly grey things.  (Note to self: get the rest replaced before leaving.)  One tooth at the back was so very full of ugly grey filling that it couldn’t be done again so at great expense a crown was fitted.

We do have an excellent health insurance plan (lucky us) but I was soon over the amount allowed for Dental – they cover the routine stuff, you know, inspections, hygienist every 3 months.  But as I was practically living at the dental office then my allowance was eaten up by the end of January.   So the crown was an out of pocket expense.  Oh well, never mind, its only money.

By the end of February beginning of March the professionals had frightened me so much that I was now a Flossing Fiend.  Never had I paid so much attention to flossing!  Well it seemed to have worked and my teeth were more secure in my head.  Yaaay, Go ME!   Infection had been killed off with the ton of antibiotics and hideous mouthwash.   Even after the last swoosh round at night, it still made my first cup of tea taste revolting in the morning…….. not good.   After much discussion, mostly amongst themselves, we decided that the bottom wisdom teeth should be removed.  What joy, I hear you say.  Well they were serving no purpose as they weren’t properly out – half in/half out, which wasn’t very helpful.  3RDS Oh good I thought, couple of months off the dental work before that happens.  HA!  I phoned the surgeon’s office to make my appointment – no hanging about here, you get yourself booked in.   And if we hadn’t been going on a trip at the start of March I would have been in the next day!  Phew – after visiting Charleston and Savannah I had something to look forward to.

On our return from the lovely time in the South – where I have to say, people are polite and friendly.  You could definitely tell that you had left the New York area.  On being asked where we were from – obviously – and then the usual were we visiting question, on hearing our answer that we were living on Long Island, the usual reaction was “What do you want to live there for?”  🙂

Anyway, back to teeth.  Right, where was I – off to get my bottom wisdom teeth out.  Small panic had set in by now having read all the information that I was sent.  It specified general anaesthetic, so no brekkie for me and there I was in the surgeon’s office at stupid o’clock in the morning.  His Lordship had taken me.  I was following all the instructions, which said I wouldn’t be able to drive myself.  Well – long story short – no general anaesthetic, just local.  EEEEK I hear you cry.   Not to bad – I seriously could not feel my lower face – at all.  I think my tongue had multiplied in size to that of a pillow as I couldn’t speak.  Why is it, that the dentist insists on asking you questions when you have a numb face?  Do you think they do it for a laugh?   Ten minutes later – all done.  Off I pop out to the waiting room to find His Lordship – I was giggling, don’t ask me why, I have no clue.  Relief, maybe.  Had a look in the bathroom mirror and discovered my chin was a wee bit blood covered – that would explain the look of horror on the face of the woman in the waiting room.

During the numerous visits to my dentist I had read of these things – Invisalign – apparently invisible braces.  I thought I would ask about said things on my next cleaning Hurray – I was a good candidate – especially as I now had room after having the wisdom removed.  Shush – I can hear you saying that I never had any anyway.  Cheeky!

And so the procedure began – gob full of paste to make impressions but before that, Doc took a ton of photos invisalign-banner– very attractive photos of my teeth in all their wonky glory.  The impressions were done after about an hour – eeewwww – blue paste everywhere.  HUGE teeth cleaning when I got home.  I was to pick up the first lot of trays (as they are known) just before we left for Blighty last summer.  invisalign-1

Now these things feel weird – I had to have little hookie things attached to some of my teeth for the trays to attach themselves to.  The hookie things make you feel as though your teeth are really disgustingly filthy – when in fact they aren’t.

First lot of trays were picked up and fitted by Doc and I was sent on my way with another set to use after two weeks.  Can I just say that the first time you try to get these things back in your face after taking them out to have something to eat, it is very difficult.  In fact, I was almost getting in the car to go and get them put back by Doc but with a tiny bit more perseverance and wiggling the things about I managed.  Was a tad worrying though.   On the empty pack I happened to notice that it said 1 of 29.  29 sets of two trays….  One set every fortnight, my little brain started to work out how long that would be – 14 months and a half.   Not too bad I thought – I can deal with that.  Be done before I go back to Blighty. I am now on tray 17 (I think) I would have to check the packaging.  My teeth have never been so clean…  It is a bit of a faff taking your teeth out everytime you want a snack.  Should-I-still-floss-Number-18-Dental-blogI now have in my handbag a Teeth Kit, which consists of floss sticks, pokie things, toothbrush, toothpaste and a container that keeps the trays in whilst you eat.  Good job I have a huge handbag.

Imagine my horror when I was speaking to somebody else last week that has had the Invisilign treatment, to discover that there could be extra trays needed!  WHAT?????? That can’t be right surely?  So I checked on the interweb in some forums and lo and behold it is quite a regular occurrence.  This was not mentioned at the start nor in any of the brochures.  Well, let me just say that it better not be happening in my case – I leave here in November – I don’t have time to be farting around – I am off in November!  Just wait until I see the Doc.  Questions will be asked.  Toys will be thrown out of the pram.

Oh look – it is the 24th – guess where I am going this morning?





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