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In my last blogette – which apparently was 2 months ago!  Goodness how time flies.   I was at a loss for words, if you can remember that far back.   Good news is that I have now found some words and some of them may even be good words.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 16.08.59
Thursday, Somewhere on Long Island. Don’t ask, don’t know. 🙂

In the land that I inhabit we are currently in the middle of what is cheerfully called a “bomb cyclone”. The storm, will “in many ways resemble a winter hurricane” (according to the Washington Post)  but what that actually means is that it is bloody cold and whipping up a snow storm.   We have blizzard conditions here today and can I just say that Lula-Mae (oh she of the Eeyore face) is not impressed.  She looks very fetching in her lovely orange leggings – quite amusing to watch her totter about in them – like she is wearing high heels.   Even with these and a heavy-duty winter coat on, she has to be forcibly put outside for a wee.  May be I should make her a hat then she would be completely covered.


However, on the last outing a leaf did blow past her and she forgot for a little minute that she hated the outdoors and chased after it.  Silly fool!  Love her silly face.   Pickford on the other hand is a hardy English Gent who will happily gad about in the snow which is up to his armpits.   His manly bits must be a little bit chilly though, no wonder he looked shell-shocked!   🙂   Olive is like Pickster, not too fussed as long as she can mooch about with her nose snuffling through the snow like a plough she is happy as a pig in poo.

Christmas and New Year came and went.  No visitors from Blighty this year which was a bit sad and strange as it was the first year EVER that The OD hadn’t been with The Parents for Christmas.   But all that will change as we trundle through to Christmas 2018 when One Parent will be living back in Blighty in the Norf along with the three dogettes. Don’t panic people the Other Parent will be moving back eventually – just not at the same time. 🙂 But His Lordship will be there for the Christmas festivities – goodness knows what he will sit on or eat off or sleep in though. Here we go again, thinking about finding an International Shipper – Deja Vu anyone?

Can you tell that I am on a countdown – there must be an app for that……. you can get countdowns for holidays, weddings, baby arrivals so I am sure that I should be able to make one for the “days to sailing”.  I shall investigate and get back to you – or one may just appear on the Book of Faces. Don’t hold your breath though.

Yesterday – Weather Bomb day, finally went on its merry way leaving behind a great dumping of snow IMG_0534along with temperatures that really shouldn’t be allowed.  This picture was taken about half way through the day – the upturned logs (markers for the snow blower) are now pretty much covered.  And this weekend it about to get even colder – what joy of joys. Those animals that hibernate in the cold season seem to be pretty sensible about now – eat all through Summer and Autumn, then sleep for a few months.  Heaven!  As long as you have somewhere safe and warm of course. Not sure what His Lordship would think of that plan, let alone the dogettes.


We are not the only bit of the USA having this horrible freezingness dumped upon us.   Apparently, Florida, Texas, The Carolinas have reported snow, with schools closed and other assorted cold weather event stuff.  Here in the New York area, people have been rushing of to the supermarkets and panic buying life’s essential items – that would be milk, eggs and KALE.  So, omelettes all round then. His Lordship went of to the local shop to forage for some stuff for tonight’s dinner and was miffed to discover that there was no Kale available. But his fears were put to rest on his return when I produced from the fridge – Kale!  I had the foresight to make this essential purchase earlier in the week.  I is such a genius.

largeHere is a picture of three varieties to choose from – in case you couldn’t get your hands on any Kale as people around New York have taken the world’s supply.  Hopefully looking at a picture of Kale will see you through to when it is once again available.

Onwards People !



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