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Sleep ——– Or Not

There are times when I could actually very cheerfully skin one of our dogettes – she will remain nameless, but she knows who she is.

Why? I hear you ask.    I shall explain.    Picture yourself, all tucked up and snuggly in your bed when suddenly out of nowhere there is a looming presence in your face, complete with soggy beard.   Don’t get me wrong, at most times of the day this is a welcome sight, but I do rather take exception at 4.30 in the morning.  Not what you need really.  clip-art-sleeping-630119-2 I struggle to ignore the ever more urgent pleas for me to get up (note it is me she is bothering) so against my better judgement I get out of bed.  You never know, she might actually need to wee…. best go and see.

Off we toddle with a torch into the black of night accompanied by the rather handsome English Gentleman dog.  For protection you understand.   The other Italian bitch stays in bed – not as daft as she looks.  Into the garden we go come rain or shine (well not shine but moonlight) where said Italian Bitch wanders about sniffing the air and generally not needing a wee or a poop.   What on earth is she doing? Apart from driving me nuts?

With little encouragement she comes back in – rather hoping for a biscwit of some description. “Dream on” I tell her and back to bed we go, where both dogettes promptly fall into a deep and satisfying sleep.  fullsizeoutput_656  Me on the other hand lie there waiting for sleep to get back to me.  That is my main objection to getting up with the beast.  If she needs a wee or a poop or even just the wandering about, that is OK (I know I am a big softy) but it is the fact that they instantly are asleep again that really pees me off.

So, what to do?   Do I ignore the toad?  If I ignore her it will be the day that she does actually need to go and then she will be all upset because she has wee’d or pooped indoors….  I will continue to indulge her annoying habit and hopefully she will eventually see the error of her ways.

In actual fact, she isn’t the only reason that I am awake – my brain seems to have gone into overdrive again at night.  It lolls about in my head all day not thinking of very much at all and then just as my head hits the pillow, ready to catch some sleep – BAM – brain full of thoughts.   brain-activity_o_273019I have a trip coming up back to Blighty and I find lists of things to take, things to bring back, what I still have to get to take whizzing about in my head – but only at night-time.  Do you think it would help if I wrote them down –  Nah probably not as it is the same lists all the time……… I have ordered so much to be delivered to The OD and the Yorkshire House that I am convinced that my carry-on bag for the return journey is not going to be big enough and I really don’t want to put a bag in on the return leg.  The baggage at JFK takes weeks to appear (obviously, not actual weeks but it feels like it).

Such a petty thing to be worried about when there is so much more going on out there in the big world but quite frankly I’ve given up worrying about what I cannot control. People have made their choices and now have to live with the consequences of their collective actions.  The only trouble being that many more millions of people have also to live with the consequences of their actions too.

Oooops – off on a tangent there for a minute, I do apologise.   128bbbace17d6845ebc86df12873a010--charlie-brown-peanuts-peanuts-snoopy


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