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FOR SALE – some old crap

Good Afternoon dear reader……

As I was wandering about on the Book of Faces this morning I wandered onto a “selling” page that was local to me back in Blighty.   I admit that I should have removed myself from these groups (yes, there are others) after I departed for the Colonies but I am far too nosey to do that.   Anyway, before I go off a tangent – can I ask, Is it just me that thinks people try to sell any old crap that they have lying about?   On there today, there was a manky, stained double mattress – at least 10 years old and the person selling wanted £50.00 and it “MUST BE GONE TODAY otherwise it is going down the tip”.  7802996afa370b50f0290b6d4b7ba4cdWhich is where it should have been going in the first place!  Now, this is not a photo of the actual mattress, this one is pristine in comparison and I wouldn’t want to give anybody nightmares.   Seriously, do these people actually expect somebody to pay them for something that is well past its prime and must be so uncomfortable.   I know that there are people out there that will need to buy secondhand or slighty used mattresses or beds but surely there is a limit?  Not only this mattress caught my eye this morning, but there are lots and lots of clothes – various styles, shapes and sizes – all of which are hardly used apparently – why not donate them to a charity shop or worthy cause.

I must admit that when I was packing up to leave Blighty I did get a wee bit fed up of traipsing off to the charity shops with arms full of stuff.  Some of which the shops wouldn’t take – not quite what they were looking for.   Who knew that the shops had become so picky about what is suitable and what is not.  I get it that they won’t accept videos and sometimes DVDs and CDs, children’s toys even.  We lived in an affluent area of the UK ( lucky us!) so I would have thought that anything that was being donated, clothing wise, was of a reasonable quality and not just some old tat that had been rotting away and worn to death.   Perhaps the workers are fed up of sorting through dirty, smelly stuff that some people just dump on the doorstep when the shops are closed.

Anyway, that was a bit of a tangent – what was I saying before that…….. oh yes, selling stuff through the book of faces.   Some of the descriptions make me laugh too (as well as the items themselves) – Here is a lovely example of what you could have : Excess Pipe – anybody?


There may be an actual person who is looking for this very thing – or not, we will never know probably.   It seems to me that quite a lot of the people advertising stuff on this particular page are doing so because they just cannot be arsed to take things down to the local tip.  There is also a load of old wood from a shed and decking which is described as not suitable for wood burners – so why would somebody want some rotten old wood which is clearly not fit to be put back together to make a shed or decking.

As I said, can’t be arsed to take down to the tip!




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