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Telephone Pests


This may be a rant!   Not quite of epic proportions but never-the-less, still a rant.

In the UK there is the TPS – Telephone Preference Service (if I remember correctly) – you can add your landline number to stop CRMcallMOST irritating marketing calls.    Here in the Good Ole USA there seems to be no opt out option.   ALL the calls we get to the landline are from marketing companies – I will give you an example of one such :

Phone rings – I let the answer machine pick up – message starts – “Hello, how are you today? – Me – silence – message – that’s excellent, let me tell you about the recently widowed luncheon we have arranged in your area – Me – giggling quietly – Message – It is an opportunity to meet other recently bereaved widows and widowers in your area over a lunch in pleasant surroundings.  – Me – cut them off!

As far as I am aware I am not recently widowed, last time I saw His Lordship he was alive and well and just getting in the shower, so unless he is lurking in there, then I think they have the wrong person.

Another of my favourites is the one that phones you to tell you that you have enough points to have a drastically reducejunk-calld stay at their resort – just near Disney in Orlando, Florida.   As we have stayed with them in the past we are now eligible for the “employee discount rate” AND for our excellent loyalty they will throw in a three-day cruise to the Bahamas.   Well, whoop-de-do.   The irritating thing about this one, apart from it being to my mobile number, is that even if you listen to the very end there is no option to remove yourself from the stupid list.    I did, on one occasion phone the number from the call list and it was answered by a very grumpy woman who denied phoning me at all….  But seeing as I just pressed call back then how can I have mis-dialled?   So this particular number has since been blocked.

I have had the local pharmacy telling me that my prescription is ready, (nope), somebody looking for Mary (still not found her), several “begging” calls from the local good causes – usually a church of some description

clean and efficient

and the ever popular – how to reduce your electricity bill which I am guessing is by installing solar panels or some other “spend lots of money to save” scheme.    Not that installing solar panels will be getting you any refund from anywhere if  El Orange One has anything to do with anything.   Maybe if we get installed a coal-burning boiler plant we will qualify for reduced rates….. as we would be supporting his poor billionaire friends in the coal industry!

And so the calls go on and on and on and on……….

In other news we fly to Blighty tomorrow and just to add to the excitement we are flying with British Airways …. G-BNLZ_2_B747-436_British_Aws_YVR_24JUL13_(9362687880) for those of you who don’t listen or read the news BA have had a major melt-down in recent days and have only just got back to a full schedule.  I seem to remember that this time last year they had a similar thing.   Systems Upgrade anyone?  It all comes from merging and merging with any other company that would give them house-room – far too big a group now.   And is it all for the sake of “slots” at Heathrow I wonder.   I hear tell from two sources that BA now don’t provide food on short-haul flights but you can now buy a Marks & Spencer sandwich!   Have they reduced the cost of their tickets to reflect this new level of service?  I wouldn’t think so – if they want to be a low-cost airline they should advertise themselves as one and clearly state what other things you have to pay BEFORE you get to the paying page……   things like a seat if you want to be sitting with your family and not risk waiting to get to the airport check-in.

I have gone off at a tangent again – oh well never mind, there are lots of things in my head at the moment…… no room for the brain.

I will see you on my return from Blighty and for those of you who will be lucky enough to see me whilst there – see you soonsoon xxx


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