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Good Afternoon People.  Today I will be mostly waffling on about not much.   Please bear with me, it might turn interesting or go completely off into a rant.  We shall have to wait and see where the mood takes me.

As I sit here, with Tony Blackburn, The Magic of Motown playing in the background, it occurs to me that I have not listened to live radio here in the USA since I got here – which incidentally is a year in July.   I still draw the line at listening to Steve Wright though Aga RSZ-50 - Diora - E070 (wiki)– if he is still clogging up the airwaves in the afternoon, No doubt I will find out when we come for our visit.  Or perhaps one of my dear readers from the UK will let me know so that I can avoid…… The wonders of technology at work, BBC iPlayer radio.    Not only have I not really listened to live US radio, I have not actually seen very much of the USA television either.  I cannot get my head round the amount of ridiculous ads!   The programme will start, theme tune or snippet of programme and then a break for umpteen ads, back to the programme for, at most, five minutes more of programme and then more ads.  And so it goes on!  Drives me nuts. nuts-will-not-make-you-gain-weight Some of the ads are faintly amusing (well they are to me) without meaning to be.  They are mostly the ones for the prescription drugs that I find funny – they range from diabetes drugs to heart drugs to cancer drugs and everything in-between.   There is one in particular that makes me laugh out loud but I am not going to tell you about that one as it is not past the watershed mark of 9pm.   But lets just say it involves a little pill that a chap can takeOmfg_ea08c6_2308423 and the effects of it lasting over six hours …… You must consult your physician if this happens – 😳😳  I should jolly well think so too.    All the ads for the drugs have at the end the disclaimers – you know what I mean – the enormously long list of possible side effects, here are just a few of the common ones  “May cause mood swings, aggression, increased appetite, decreased appetite, dizziness, shortness of breath, blurred vision, swelling of hands, fingers,feet and/or lower legs, numbness or tingling of the arms and legs, acne, headaches, irregular heartbeat, trouble walking, thinking or speaking and in extreme cases may cause death”  I kid you not and those are the ones I can remember.   Got to cover every angle, wouldn’t want to get sued by anybody.      Oh cynical me!

So what all that waffle actually boils down to is this – I am very grateful to have Netflix, Amazon Prime and BBC iPlayer to keep me entertained.

Spring arrived and then disappeared again – I think UK has had much better sunshine hours than us over the pond (on the East Coast anyway) but let me tell you kids, you might be in for a downpour or two.   Heading the way to Long Island is a whole lot of pissy rain – just in time for the weekend so I would think it will make it across the sea to Blighty before too long – or maybe it will just hit the Scotland end.   But at least the sun is out today even though it is a little bit on the chilly side.   Me and the Dogettes are inside at the minute as our landlord is working in the garden.   Not sure what he is doing out there but I don’t want a repeat of The Ginger One legging it up the road.  I will have to check that all the gates are shut properly before I let them out again.   Said Landlord is hopefully finishing off work on the central aircon for the house as well today.   I cannot do another summer with window air conditioners.   Too noisy!  I would rather cool the whole house quietly, even rooms we aren’t in,  than have the window units belting out the noise all night.    I am starting to think that maybe some US manufacturers haven’t got to grips with sound proofing or noise reduction technology. fullsizeoutput_58f  Have I told you about the extractor fan in the kitchen?   No!  Right then!   It is a mahoosive thing – possibly more suited to an industrial kitchen and not a domestic (small) kitchen.   Here it is in all its magnificent glory.  OK, before all you “kitchen appliance” experts point it out, I happen to know that Thermador is owned by some Germany company,  but I do believe that it started out as a US company and I reckon these are still made here. (Just saying)   Trouble is, when you switch on the devil, even on the lowest setting, the house practically vibrates. It sounds like Concorde taking off!  (And believe me we know what Concorde sounds like taking off.  Lived under the flight path at Heathrow for some years when Concord was stilllast-concorde-landing-heathrowl flying).   Not my house in Windsor and I actually think it was lower than this – but you get the idea.   Not only Concorde but the Jumbos and other planes that trundled above our garden and house every two minutes, but that was the loudest – painful.  It must have hurt TheOD’s little baby ears – a lot!  Funnily enough when we moved from the house in Windsor to deepest, darkest Hampshire, we couldn’t sleep as it was TOO QUIET.    Soon got used to it though.   Now we just have annoying neighbours which are almost as loud as the Concorde take off and landing……. rofl-smiley

This is me (obviously) rolling about on the floor, laughing at my own wit.   Well nobody else appears to be.

Moving swiftly on…….

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