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A Quick Visit – again…….

2015cf12cd1505433c09896da464f1d4So then…..  a trip has been booked back to Blighty for the very beginning of June.   Hurray, I hear you say – it will be another whirlwind of doing stuff, seeing people and generally whizzing from one end of the country to the other. Apologies to Scotland – we aren’t going that far – so I have chopped you off.   That’s what quite a number of your citizens want anyway, so there, they have it!  😁🤣🤣.

News just in.  We will exchange and complete on the Blighty Home this week – even bigger Hurray, after the near miss at the end of February.  We have skirted the issue of the boundary and will sort it out once completion has happened.  Just let me confirm to you all that we would not have done this if we had been buying from somebody we didn’t know.  As it is we are quite happy to do so and finally get things moving along.   Am so looking forward to my garden which has been lovingly created and cared for.  20170423_135135All it needs now is the marauders to come along and put their stamp on it!   The resident felines might be a little upset though – as they are not moving very far.    The white bit will be ours – not the whole lot of buildings.  There is more garden but I will tell you about that at a later date.

Right – short and sweet so we will see those of you who we can fit in on our visit – I’m afraid others will be disappointed and sadly I will not be around in the Saaarrrrrrrf on a Zumba day! Poop!

I have just noticed that it is exactly ONE YEAR TODAY that I posted my first ever blog – Happy Birthday Blog….

photo credit: Pink Cake Box

Over and out dear reader


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