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Waffling and Wittering

Good Morning, Afternoon or E2E4D3EE800000578-0-Emojis_are_a_fun_way_to_communicate_with_friends_But_are_they_re-m-24_1447185576534vening – which ever is most appropriate to the time of day that you are reading this.

Right then, back to the usual waffle and witterings about nonsense.   Previously, I have mentioned that we are in the process of making a house purchase back in Blighty – that is still rumbling on …. issue with boundary – somebody didn’t draw the map properly.  Insert Roll of Eyes here.   Oh well, – it’s not like we don’t know the sellers.  🤣   It surely can’t take as long as selling the UK house before we left for the colonies last year.  Couldn’t do that again.   Quelle Nightmare.

Don’t know about you, dear reader, but when I am out with the doggettes having our daily stroll, lots of plans flit about in my head.   All sorts of grand schemes are hatched in there whilst wandering aimlessly about.   These plans get ever more elaborate, the more I think about them and I suspect they will be getting ever more expensive to implement too.   His Lordship cringes every time I say “I was thinking……”   His little face is a picture – I can see the cogs whirring in his head, but that might have something to do with the fact he has very little hair left.  (Too cheeky? – Nah)   I have a scheme for the kitchen and a back up plan, a “maybe” scheme for bedroom and a possible scheme for the bathroom.   Not all of which will be done I hasten to add – we aren’t made of money – sadly.   And there doesn’t appear to be one of the money trees growing in the garden here.  Actually there is nothing growing in the garden here except mud.  (Excuse the Lula-Bum in the photo)
Even the gIMG_1511rass has given up.   Not that it ever had much of a chance with the three marauders charging about in all weathers.   Added to that are the humungious trees both in this garden and the neighbours’ that just make a whole lot of shade.   And the soil is pretty rubbish too.

I did plant lots of bulbs – a bit late, but at least they went in the pots.  The bulbs in the ground that were resident before I arrived, have sprouted leaves.  I do believe they are Tulips but there is no sign of a flower on any of them.   Me thinks that they are not planted deep enough….. I may be wrong and one day I will trog off into the garden and it will be a riot of colour – or not!   The thinking behind planting in this neighbourhood seems to be – a single line of bulbs along the edge of bed or frontage.   I have seen one chap doing his gardening and his front garden looks pretty, lots of pansies in pots, and some daffs – in clumps, which is the only “clumping” that I have seen on my wanderings.   Do you think he might be an ex-pat?  I’m not saying that all bulb planting in the whole of the USA is like that, I am sure that there are perfectly good examples of swathes of bulbs etc somewhere, it’s just in my little universe people seem to work on the principal that one is enough and this is now it should be forever!   Long Island does seem to be in some sort of a time warp, not only for garden style.  This type of planting is known in our house as “Parks Department”  – like a throwback to what? Maybe the sixties?????  images (10)Marigolds around the edge, purple pansies in the middle, Antirrhinum, Petunias and Scented Stock and a bit of greenery every other plant. Just no!     Oo, Oooo, OOO – and Forget Me Nots!   There was a bloke that lived down the road from us in Blighty – ask His Lordship about “The Coven”  or maybe my Scottish Readers could tell you about them….. you could guarantee that every year the same bedding plants would be laid out in exactly the same formation, see above for the plant list.    And opposite him lived “Ted’s Dad” – lovely chap, never knew his name but Ted was his grumpy, ancient Jack Russell, superseded by Nelson  – also grumpy but a Westie.   🤣 Anyway, his front garden was a riot of colour,  even down to the two very small , hexagonal patches of “AstroTurf”, but again the same list of plants.   Maybe they had a competition going on between them….. there was a group of three houses together that seemed to take their gardening very seriously indeed.   Manicured front lawn (shaved to within an inch) almost like a bowling green….. IMAG0028in fact they could have been bowling greens if the grass was better quality.  You will have guessed that I am a “chuck it in and see what happens” type of gardener. All of a muddle, jammed in and higgledy piggledy together.  My reasoning – where there is no space between plants there are no weeds.  Good plan eh?   I suppose you could say that even that has some sort of planning behind it but the effect is much more casual.  And to me, more aesthetically pleasing.   Or does that have some hidden meaning – like I’m untidy or something?   Possibly, because I do know that I am not the world’s most tidy of beings BUT I do know where everything is!

Speaking of tidying, we have overseas visitors this weekend and I should really make some sort of effort to make the living space more welcoming, even perhaps try and get rid of some of the dog hair.  Which in itself is a completely pointless exercise because as soon as I turn round – there it is again…. Like painting the Forth Road Bridge – or Humber Bridge if you prefer. DSC_0011a







Toodle-pip my friends.   See you next time.




3 thoughts on “Waffling and Wittering

  1. Haha! the labels were a distraction in amongst the riot of plants and flowers – why?? 🙂 Thanks, our garden is always a work in progress but most of the plants have some meaning and somehow blossom each year despite us!

    I also loved coming into your back garden, it was like a secret garden and a place I enjoyed being Auntie to all of your wonderful dogettes. From Audrey (the stealth Spinone) to the ever laid-back Fairbanks, always a treat. Also your fab BBQs with the special treats from SA. The boys loved them, me not so much! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I knew you would know who I meant and YES they certainly did take a rude pill every day! Ted’s Dad will always be Ted’s Dad, even now I know he is Alan…… His front garden always made me smile but one thing I really wanted to do and that was to snip the labels off the small, standard trees in the middle of the astroturf bits. 🤣 And there is certainly nothing wrong with a bit of wild planting! Your garden was lovely at the front….. was always a bit jealous


  3. Oh Yesss!! you mean the two ‘Desperate Housewives’ houses with the manicured lawns and measured bedding plants! Dullsville planting to be honest. Dearest Alan (Nelson’s human) has such joy in life I admire his exuberant planting and even forgive him his patches of Astroturf. Always cheery in stark contrast to his opposite neighbours. Think they take rude pills every day.

    I guessed you weren’t referring to our slightly more wild version of urban gardening. Of course, we planted it to match the new wild flower patch over the road. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!


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