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International Rescue – Part 2

Now that you have had a chance to have a read of Part 1 I will move on to some of the happy endings.    Sadly, I don’t know for sure who has each of these lovely dogs.  Some people post regular updates on the Book of Faces, but there are others who do not.  Which I can understand – it is such a time waster to be honest.   You can while away hours – if not days just browsing about.  So whilst you are browsing about on The Book of Faces may I suggest checking out the brilliant auction to boost the rescue fund…..

But moving on –

Eventually, after one or two false starts the Freedom Bus was despatched to collect all the dogs ready for their trip across Europe.   Stopping off in The Netherlands where Astrid was waiting with her huge smile to greet her boy Fer – what a meeting that was…. there was a wonderful video of the meet and greet – looked like a freezing cold night for dogs and peoFerple to be out and about but so emotional…..  what a beauty he is.   Off he went with Astrid to his new home and his new family to be loved and adored.  The lovely Astrid keeps us all updated on his adventures and as you see from the small montage he is a cracker!  He, I think would get on really well with Lula-Mae, she would show him the very best cow pats to stick your nose in and if he was very quick he could cover his whole self in cow pat!   Dog mums really like that!!!  (so says Lula-Mae).


Febo, Fer’s brother stayed in Italy – hope he is enjoying his new life and family.

This very handsome boy with the rather spectacular eyebrows and mustache is Falco, he was one of the ones that were whisked away into quarantine on arrival – due to a mistake with his paperwork,

fullsizeoutput_562missing a stamp apparently, so the poor chap had to have another rabies jab and then be on his own for 30 days until he could be free……  his new mum, Jane, was allowed to visit him to start the bonding process so at least he got some cuddles and treats whilst waiting.  He is actually another of my favourties.   Don’t get me wrong I love them all, but there is just something about some of them.   Please don’t judge me!! 🤣

Falco has settled pretty well after his false start, coming out of his shell nicely but as with others he still has setbacks but is on the way to his Happy!  He went on his first family holiday a little while ago —- looks like a fun time was had.  Long may it continue for Falco.

There have been some of these rescues that have had ongoing medical issues – ear infections being a common one.   One little lady, Mary who came to live with Melanie and her family is having a hard time of it at the moment – had to have an op just very recently.. Another sweet girl on the way to recovery and hopefully the last of the horrid ears!  She reminds me so much of Olive, our brown roan girl….  I feel sure that in some way both of our girls are related to these Jewels Maryas they look so similar to a number of them.   Pics of my two will be at the end of this bit of blog and you can see for yourself…  Update on Mary came through today – she had her operation just a week ago – she’s a bit fed up apparently ‘cos her mum says she can’t go and chase pheasants just yet – she has to stay on the lead but after the stitches are out back to poo eating and pheasant chasing.  Well, that’s what Mary says she likes doing, so who can argue with that!!

Now, this very distinguished young gentleman, Nettuno was adopted by Kirstine, he is now known aNettunos Arthur, very much a Lula-Mae face here, commonly known as Eeyore face! Unfortunately for Arthur he broke his leg whilst out for a walk at the end of last year….. lots of bed rest, lots of love and attention have helped him on his road to recovery… good news that his leg has healed nicely so he should be back out and about causing mayhem soon.
Must get really boring being on cage rest for weeks and weeks.

Most of this batch of photos were taken just a week after the Jewels arrived in their respective new homes – what a difference to them.   Except poor Falco who was still behind bars at the quarantine kennels – poor boy had to wait three more weeks before going home.   May they all continue to enjoy their new homes and learn that life is actually pretty good. Click on the photo for the name and caption.

The really sad thing though, is that no matter how many are rescued there are always going to be more.   Here in the UK we have a fantastic Spinone rescue guru – Sarah-Jane and she was heavily involved in the International rescue effort for these gorgeous creatures.   Obviously, she can’t do everything by herself so she has a brilliant team to back her up.   If it wasn’t for people like Massimo Bordoni, Mara Bressan, Sarah-Jane,  the man with the luxurious Freedom Bus (sorry cannot for the life of me remember his name) and his team, and the numerous others involved – each and every one of you that contributed to the initial fund – then it really doesn’t bear thinking about what would have happened to these dogs.   We all hope that this scale of rescue is never needed again but if it is the Spinone Community will be on the case!

I couldn’t write about all the dogs that were rescued – so please forgive me if I haven’t used your particular one but please know that these babies are thought of often and with immense love and gratitude to each and every rescuer that put themselves forward as forever homes.   You are all brilliant human beings and I am sure that all the dogs will eventually find their very own permanent Happy Place where they are relaxed and living life to the full, with all the painful memories gone and forgotten.

Lula-Mae and Olive would like to say a million thank yous too for rescuing what may be some of their cousins, aunts and uncles……  they send lots of slobbery kisses.

Cheeky Olive (age 2)
Lula-Mae (age 5)

I hope you have enjoyed reading my little bloggette with not too many tears – it will be back to the normal silliness for the next time.  I am secretly hoping that some of you may pop back and have a look at future ramblings and thoughts.  But, in the meantime thanks for reading this one.


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