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International Rescue

Check out the fab auction on the following Facebook Page – there is sure to be something you fancy……   Huge, many thank yous….

Today’s blog is not going to be the usual stuff and nonsense that you are used to from me.  And a good bit longer too, so please stay with me..   Perhaps this will be part one as I don’t want to lose you all along the way….  four of the Jewels - Ginny, Franco and two others

Today I am going to talk a little bit about the rescue of 25 beauties which through no fault of their own ended up not being cared for properly.  I am not naming, shaming, blaming anybody in this blog as I don’t know the actual circumstances of how these dogs came to be where they were.    They first came to my attention at the beginning of 2016, so just over a year ago.  A post was made in a Book of Faces group that I am a member of.  Those of you that actually read my witterings know about my three dogettes, two of which are Spinoni – The Lula-Mae and The Olive.   It so happens, that these poor, lost souls were of the Spinoni family.  Well most of them anyway, there was a Spinone Mix and his mate a Labrador Cross.

The word was out that these gentle creatures had been removed to a ENPA centre where they were being cared for in better conditions, being fed the required amount and receiving love and care.  As more information came through the wires, it transpired that there were actually 22 names that needed help not 25 as first thought.  It was determined that one old girl of nearly 13 would be too old to endure the travel to the UK so it was hoped that she would find her forever, retirement home in Italy.  Coccarda  This is her, Coccorda, what a lovely looking girl she is, I hope she is happy.  She was adopted in Italy to her forever home.   Another 5 of the 22 were also rehomed locally, which was good news.  But still that left 16 others who were looking for their forever homes, to be loved, and spoilt like all good Spinoni should be.  In fact the naughty ones should be too!

Spinone People all over the world rallied round and raised a phenomenal amount of money in a few short weeks to cover the medical bills, transport cost and as it turned out some unforeseen quarantine costs for two of them.   With the 6 being rehomed in Italy, that left the 16 up for adoption, they were all assessed and information cards made for each and every one of them. I have to tell you now that when I was looking at these last year, it was very emotional.  There was I thinking I was a tough Northern Bird, but it turns out I’m not.  As usual the Spinone Community, their friends, families, casual acquaintances stepped up and raised a staggering  £17,239 far exceeding the target of £10,000 which was calculated at £400 per dog for 25 rehomes.

The group ran an auction on Facebook – putting up for sale all sorts of items from beautiful sculptures, dog toys, leads, jewellery, pretty rare Italian Spinone Books by Carolyn Fry, and even I parted with a pair of Jimmy Choos.

In actual fact, another auction running at the moment to top up the funds to help another couple of lost souls – Walter & his little friend Widget- it is a public page so please spare a minute and go and check out the brilliant items up for sale this time – Italian Jewels Spinone Auction will get you there on the Book of Faces.  There must be something on there that you fancy!!  Weekends in a lovely cottage – your dogs welcome, more sculpture by Pam Rundle (we have one of these – they are brilliant),  lots of dog related items, jewellery,  home decorations – too much stuff to mention.  Go on – have a look and see.   

Now you can see what sort of condition they were in when they arrived at the rehoming centre near Venice.   Heartbreaking, I know – there are friends of mine who will tell you that on some days I was a complete wreck – watching and waiting for news of these beauties.   Each and every one of these dogs has a new, wonderful home.  Some took to their new life really easily and settled in very quickly.  But on the other hand there are those that are still sometimes struggling to adapt completely.  It will be a long road for them but slowly with the love and care of the wonderful people who adopted them they will get there in the end.   GinnyGinny (Gronda) the Poster Girl has a fab home with Lesley and her troop, she is very shy of the iPad and the photos and videos that Lesley manages to get of her on the sly are very special to see.  She has come out of her shell a little bit and has playmates Ginny - after (camera shy girl)and has even found her inner puppy!  Ginny is a very lucky girl, she gets to go to work with Lesley – a Wildlife Centre, full of interesting smells and sniffs for her, she has a young Spinone sister (Peggy Sue) to teach her how to be naughty and get away with it.  Here she is now in an unguarded  moment 🙂

My heart belongs mostly to Harry Harry– the little Lab cross – he had a very tough time indeed when he arrived in the UK – into a miserable quarantine kennel which was not a good place for him to be…… fortunately for Harry he had been adopted by Jayne who with her endless love and patience is bringing him out of his shell.  He still has many phobias and fears to conquer but with the continued love and support he will get to his permanent happy place.   He has a new pack to be part of and enjoys his walks – even trying out the  muddy puddles that the others are in and out of!  

Having spent the first part of his life being mistreated he is one lucky boy. How could you resist that little face ?

I’m going to stop now as the auction is happening as we speak and I don’t want you to miss anything!   SO PLEASE take a look – things are being added all the time but some brilliant things are coming to an end soon.   Facebook page – Italian Jewels Spinone Auction.

I will be back soon with more about these wonderful creatures…..

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