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Pay Day!

Good evening dear reader….  I have to inform you that it is most definitely pay-day for the workers next door.  I can tell because as I went into the garden to let the dogs out for their after tea wee-wee the fumes hit me as I opened the door.   Now in all honesty I have no objection to the smoking habits of the neighbours but when it starts permeating through my doors and windows into the basement living area and my bedroom then I just images-9have to have some negative thoughts on the matter.

It is fairly amusing, now that I am safely back in doors, to listen to the ever increasing volume of absolute bollocks that spews from their mouths.  I can tell you their views on immigration, religion, taxes, women and how they should be treated, and the absolute adoration that they have for their glorious 45th President.   Probably the best thing that has happened to the USA in living memory.  I kid you not.   In fact, their views on most things are the very same as the Oompa-Loompa that is currently residing – somewhere – possibly in the White House, or possibly at one of the very tasteful residences that are festooned in gold and have the name emblazoned in three hundred foot lettering for the world to see.   As if you couldn’t guess which family lived/owned the property – as they are generally so very, very beautiful.  If it’s ugly and gold it must be the best!

Rant over !

A new day has dawned – cold but sunny.  I can live with that.  And, today, just for a change you understand, Ipunday-teeth-drill will be visiting the dentist – AGAIN.    Since January 3rd – first visit, I have been to said Dentist six times.   Yep you read that right – SIX times.    Still, my teeth will be lovely, with new white fillings replacing some if not all the UK metal fillings.   It is true – you do get what you pay for.   This has not been a cheap deal – even with the insurance covering most of the work.   The next thing is to decide whether I really want to have the gnashers straightened?   What do you think people….. would it still be me?  I don’t know, quite tempted by the thought but a little bit put off by the cost… mind you even without any contribution from the insurance, I do believe it will be ever so slightly cheaper than having the same done in the UK.   wind-up-walking-teeth

I shall leave you to ponder on that as the dogettes do rather need to have a walk before I go off to the torture………













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