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The return of The Jeeves

Good Morning – well it is here!

The sun is shining and the snow is still on the ground – getting a bit bored of it now though.    On the plus side, Jeeves is back after his facelift and very handsome he looks too.  Whilst he was away I had a little Nissan thing – don’t know what sort it was but it was green 😜 .   Not that it got used very much as it was covered in a foot of snow the day after picking it up.   Let me tell you I felt a wee bit vulnerable driving about in it – low to the ground and very, very  small next to some of the trucks that these Americans insist on having.  dodge-ram-1500 This photo is just an example and quite a small one at that.  Imagine sitting in a small-ish car and one of these things trolls up behind you….  the top of the bonnet is on the same level as your roof.  And they have no concept of personal space either – right up behind you and not just when you are stationary, also when you are trundling along the road.    Little bit disconcerting to say the least.   Feel better now that I am driving around in the Jeeves-mobile again.

Have you been following the news recently,  people? – if it wasn’t real life it would be hilarious!  I couldn’t possibly comment on the views or ideas that a certain “leader” of the free world is spouting at the moment – another thing to add to the ever-growing list of things to write about when I leave these shores.  Was it all done as a joke and it backfired bigly when it was elected?   I wonder.  Still as long as it gets good ratings that’s all that matters eh?

Right no politics on here – otherwise things might get a little bit out of hand.

In other news, His Lordship and I are in the process of buying a place back in Blighty yorkshire-flag-mapall being well we should own a house at the end of February.   Not that we will be returning to live in it for some time yet – one or two things have to happen before that…… Also not in the South so anybody that wants to visit will have to trek  to the frozen North.   Here is a clue!  All will be revealed in due course but those of you who know me will know what county this is.   Suffice to say that the dogs will love it, off lead running, big garden, sandy beaches (when they are allowed during winter months – best time), people who can understand what I am saying – always a plus I find.

Rightie oh – must get on with my day.

See you next time    xxx


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