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Understanding Me – Difficult!

So then……fullsizeoutput_4f9

Onwards with the repairs to Jeeves the Jeep.    Talk about an odd system!

Let me talk you through it.   First of all, after reporting the said incident to my insurers, they give you the option to go to a body shop that deals directly with them or go to one of their assessment places.   Silly me thought that His Lordship would be able to advise on the body shop that fixed his Sydney Subaru so I opted for the “assessment place” –  off I toddle to the place.   Lovely lady there, we had a chat about the damage to my vehicle, I showed her the photo of the damage to the back of The Chancers vehicle and she was of the opinion that in no way would I have caused that much damage.  As she pointed out to me, the grille and headlights of Jeeves would be smashed too but as the damage is all low down it wasn’t possible!  Hurray, I knew I was right all along – anyway, she says that my insurers take a very dim view of anybody trying to get money that they don’t deserve.  Good I say.

Said assessor looks around Jeeves, takes photos and writes a lovely little report and after about 30 minutes she calls me over to her desk and presents me with a file of paperwork that I am to give to my chosen body shop and a cheque for the amount over our excess.    Now, I think that is fairly odd – I go in to have the damage looked at and I come out with a cheque which I can either – swap for cash,  pay into my bank, or endorse it and hand it to the body shop in part payment for the repairs.  SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I have yet to find a body shop – there seems to be some sort of language barrier.  I seem to be very difficult to understand over the phone – perhaps I should adopt a very clipped, BBC voice that ALL English people obviously have.   The natives don’t appear to realise that there is more than just the Saaaarf in the UK…… A whole other place exists above the Londinium and surrounds but no matter,  I will get His Lordship on the case and hopefully Jeeves will soon be back to his glorious self.

Speaking of people having difficulty understanding me, (happens A LOT) I have very recently changed the colour of my hair back to something resembling normal – for me at least…..   I phoned to make an appointment with my guy EDDIE, no problem I thought and the booking was duly made.  5b9fb7641ba73cb2d91068d15cea3bd2 Couple of days later I get an email asking me to confirm my booking with ANI.  I don’t want to appear stupid but to my ears Eddie and Ani sound nothing alike.   I answered the email explaining that my original booking was supposed to be with Eddie – didn’t hear anything from them.  The next day I phone the beauty parlour and asked that the booking be changed from Ani to Eddie – “yes of course no problem” they say.  I thank them and ring off.   Guess what – the very next day, somebody phones me and tells me that Eddie can do Thursday at 2.30pm,  “Oh” I say, slightly bewildered, “I had changed the appointment to Eddie for Thursday at 2.15pm”   Next thing I know, they explain to me that my appointment had still been with Ani at 2.15 on Thursday and they had “just” seen my email.  Mmmmmmm –  the upshot was that EDDIE did my hair on Thursday not Ani.   You see my dilemma here – the same but different language or other else (as a certain person used to say) I am speaking in tongues.




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