Is it me?


A quick question for you people out there :

How can this damage (all below the number plate) to the front of my vehicle:-


possibly cause this much damage to the back of this vehicle:


I am thinking that maybe my Jeep has a superpower that allows it to leap into the air from a stationary position and beat a poor Ford Something to a pulp!   And cause most damage to himself (Jeeves the Jeep) on the opposite side of himself……. Maybe he is left-handed – that’s a thought.

All humans in the vehicles absolutely fine when this happened and suddenly three days later and after telling the Ford Something that it will be going through the insurance company – the dreaded WHIPLASH injury has come into play.  Not me – obviously – I am not a mercenary American who craves the mighty dollar above all else.  And I have to add – some Brits too are like that.  Which is sad.

I am not unsympathetic to people who genuinely have suffered a whiplash injury but it seems slightly odd that when there was the talk of “out-of-pocket” payment for fixing the Ford Something everybody was fine but now that there is insurance involved, both occupants of  the Ford Something are and I quote “have to go see a doctor anyway we’re starting to get discomfort from the whiplash” and my insurance company will hopefully have the brains to dispute the damage caused by a VERY low-speed rear impact.  Perhaps said occupants have seen one too many TV ads for the “personal injury” lawyer that will get them the MAXIMUM SETTLEMENT.    Oh, sorry, went a bit shouty then – just like the TV ads.  😂

You may have guessed that I am more than a little bit peeved by this – just one more thing to add to the list of negatives about the USA.    At the moment the list is quite long and I have to warn you that my last blog when the time comes to depart these shores will be a corker!

Over and out fine people – see you next time.

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