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I Did Say Random Witterings

614f53ae1e14f01d54c76ef23063170eChristmas is officially over!   The tree and what few decorations were up are now gone.    The OD has been and gone – a good time was had by all I think.  We ate a lot, got good pressies and it even snowed to welcome The OD to the USA.    Not that it lasted but at least it made an appearance whilst she was here.

January 2017 is under way, New Year’s Eve same as always, snuggled on the sofa with the dogglettes watching some pap on the TV.   I have to say that we missed the Mariah Carey moment….. not that I am too bothered as YouTube showed me it!   Too funny!!    We were very underwhelmed by the New York Times Square celebrations, I have to say, that the bit we watched up until the “Ball Dropped” (which incidentally you didn’t see) was complete tripe…   And when the midnight hour arrived – what happens?   Let me tell you,   the cameras concentrate on the idiots that have made their way to Times Square to stand for hours and hours in the freezing cold night in order to witness a non-event.  Rumour has it that once you are in the area you can’t leave and get back in – so guess what the best-selling item for the New Year’s Eve Times Square revellers is (before they arrive) –  ADULT DIAPERS –  that’s a nappy to you English folk.

So, on the 1st January I checked the YouTube for the spectacular fireworks around the globe….  Sydney – very nice, Paris – very nice, Hong Kong – also nice, London – pretty cool I have to say (not biased)2016-london-fireworks-3-1024x640,  Walt Disney World, Florida – very nice (but then they do do a firework EVERY night)…..  New York – there were some but as I said the cameras were insistent on capturing people filming the display on their phones rather than showing the actual display, so I am afraid I can’t tell you my verdict on them.

On reading the Book of Faces today, on my news feed there was a notice from Dogs Trust to tell me the hideous news about how many puppies had been given up in the two weeks from 20th December until 2nd January:

“We received a massive 54% increase in dogs handed over to us between 20th December and 2nd January compared with the same time last year, with 127 unwanted dogs handed in during this two week period alone!”

Can you believe that – people are STILL getting other people puppies as a Christmas present!   Why on earth would you want to do that?   Those statistics are from one charity – imagine how many dogs there are throughout the UK – not including the ones that will just be abandoned.   I know puppies are born in those weeks before Christmas and I would hope that most people contemplating actually getting a dog have done the required research into their chosen breed (if applicable) and are fully aware of the commitment that needs to be made to that puppy for the next 10-14 years.    Over here in the good ol USA – I can’t tell you how many placards I saw outside groomers and/or pet shops in the lead up to Christmas advertising various sorts of puppies – both pedigree and the made-up “designer” types.   Makes my blood boil!    Just ask The OD and His Lordship about the pet shops in the shopping mall that we used to visit whilst on our hollibobs in Florida??
On a happier note, my doglettes are happy and content.  We had our second snow visit just last night and they have enjoyed playing around in it today. img_1065  This is The Pickster playing catch with a very teeny tiny snowball.   It is rubbish snow for snowballs – far too powdery!  Need snow with massive flakes to make a proper snowball.    Maybe the next time.  The Italians were charging about chasing each other – as per usual.   Now that the Olive has got over her wariness of snow I think she rather enjoyed messing about in it today. The first time it snowed – previous blog with the snowblower – that was the first snow that The Olive had seen and she was very wary of it…..  needed to find a bit of grass to make a wee-wee on etc  and wouldn’t stay out in it.   This time – no such worries….  her and the Ginger One straight into play mode – excellent.   Which means I won’t be hanging around for ages waiting for one or both to do what they need to do last thing at night..
What?  Have I something on my face??????



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