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SNOW FORECAST – yes please

Hello friends and relations.     Rumour has it that the first snow is on the way!   Only a little bit – about an inch but more to follow…  we shall see.

We have been out today – to buy a plastic lawn rake.   Guess what we bought ………

A SNOWBLOWER!   Very similar to lawn rake, you have to admit………

It had better snow now – A LOT!   Quite looking forward to having a go with the machine – on the plus side it has an electric start, none of this pull-cord silliness.  Actually, there is a pull cord as back usnow-blower_snow-throwerp but hopefully that won’t be needed if I am in charge of snow clearing whilst His Lordship happens not to be here when it dumps a load of the stuff on us.  It might be pretty good fun to use the thing when His Lordship is here too – as long as I can aim the “chimney” thingy in his direction 😂

On our way back with said piece of equipment in the car, we stopped off to look at Christmas Trees – real ones obviously.   Now, anybody that knows me, knows that my tree does not go up until the middle of December so why you may ask were we looking at trees today?   I have no excuse – I wanted to see if the small nursery place just five minutes from the house had any little ones in pots that I could stick outside the front to put my understated and tasteful lights on.  They had a couple of  sad looking trees so we didn’t buy one.   They also had masses of other trees – All sizes – all the same shape.    They cheat!  They are trimmed to make them triangular – none of this picking out the best shaped one with the right amount of branches.   Nope, they are all the same….   Imagine what an artificial tree looks like …..  are you imagining that?   Good!  Now think “Real Christmas Tree” – just like the artificial one but not.

Matt Powell North Carolina Christmas Tree Association promo-documentary project.
Basically they are all this shape……..

Never-the-less a purchase will be made and decorating will commence at some point in the next couple of weeks.

It will be nothing like this!

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