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Understated or Tat?


OK then folks, the time has come for me to mention the Christmas.   I was wondering whether to go all out for the “Real Tat” look or just stick to the usual “Understated & Tasteful”.  Having browsed the Interweb this bright and sunny day, it seems that “Understated & Tasteful” will be a challenge.    There appears to be a dearth of decorations that don’t scream “LOOK AT ME”…..   Not actually sure what the whole thing is about here!   It seems to be “lets see how much crap we can stick on our house and in the garden this year” type of mentality…..   And yes – some people (I use the term loosely) have already got the decs on the house and in the garden.  images-4 In my little head I was under the impression that Thanksgiving was got out of the way first and THEN you move on to Christmas.   Apparently not – Halloween is got out of the way and THEN it’s Christmas.  As I was out for the  morning stroll with the pups this morning there was a pick-up truck outside some house and the guy was putting up the decorations for them – roof and everything – I suspectimages-3 it is BIG business here.   I wonder what these companies do for the rest of the year?   Perhaps one of the American readers can tell me.

I will tell you something though, the “Understated & Tasteful” that I have managed to find is much more expensive than the “Tat” version.

So – “Real Tat” it might have to be!   Don’t tell His Lordship though – it can be a lovely surprise for him one evening when he returns from the workplace.    He will be thrilled.

There you go – short and silly today – must get on with other things now!



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