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Barking – Mad or Otherwise

Just a general observation from our wanderings around the neighbourhood this morning. In said neighbourhood there appears to be plenty of canine people.    What I would like to know is, why do people of the human variety get one dog, never mind two or three, and then leave it/them out in the garden all day whilst they trog off to work?    118439265-dog-barks-left-alone-632x475It appears to be quite the normal thing to do over here in the US.  I’m not saying that all US dog parents do this but near where I am living at present that’s what seems to happen.   I know for a fact that some US dog parents – you know who you are (probably have one or more Spinoni) indulge their furry children as much as we do.   In all honesty I don’t understand why anybody here or anywhere would get a dog and then proceed to leave it on its own for 8 plus hours a day.  how-to-handle-a-territorial-dogDid one of the over-indulged human children express an interest in getting a dog?   Best thing to do then – rush out and get one because the little darlings cannot be refused – it may harm their self-esteem!     Now, these canine creatures that are left outside bark at everything that walks past – imagine their noise when i trundle past with my three in tow.   Their sizes range from little teeny weeny fluff ball things to Cockerpoo (who one day is going to get his head stuck in the railings) to THREE LARGE German Shepherds.  The GSDs have screened windows open all across the front of their home – now these screens are not the most sturdy of things and it worries me slightly that if one of these dogs wanted to get out of the window, it wouldn’t take very much effort.    A large part of me feels very sorry for all these “home alone” dogs, but the rest of me is quietly pleased that they are behind (hopefully) secure fences.   I wouldn’t want to have a close encounter with some of them! germanshepherddogsgsdsnoahdaxhannah32(this isn’t them by the way – just a generic photo of three GSDs).  Yes, it is quite tricky to get them somewhere where they can enjoy free running exercise but if you aren’t going to socialize your dog with others and if all you can offer them is a life in a back garden, then my advise would be not to get one in the first place.   And, yes I do know people’s circumstances can change after the arrival of the dog and not all dogs are left all day long!  Not that my dogs are complete angels when it comes to barking at anything that moves – but at least mine are inside the house!  😳




Over and out!






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