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Good Day People!

The mahoosive pile of boxes shipped from the UK is diminishing …….. slowly.  From this: htb1yp8pffxxxxanapxxq6xxfxxxr

to this:


His Lordship spent the other day building two IKEA cupboards – bless his heart – ❤️ – to put all the plates, dishes, mugs, glasses etc. etc. in.   Having moved from the house in the UK which had lots of kitchen cupboards to a house here that has four – yes, four – cupboards to keep your stuff in, including your provisions.  I am finding it a little bit tricky!   Not only that small issue, but the wall cupboards are up to the ceiling and I have had to get a step to be able to reach or put anything on the top shelf!   Sacre bleu, mon ami!  Needless to say, anything up there is not important!

Back to the point – Hurray I hear you say!   Actually, there isn’t really a point to this little ramble, just some thoughts and random observations.  Same as usual really.  Also, whilst I am jotting this down, I can’t be emptying boxes – see I am a genius.

Whilst rummaging around in said boxes, we have come across stuff that probably should have gone to the tip at Hartley Wintney.  As I said in my previous rambling – there are now the piles of :

  1. Throw away
  2. Charity
  3. More throw away

But the place is starting to look a little bit like home (it never will be though) – how can somebody elses house be your home?  It is a place I happen to be inhabiting for the next couple of years back-to-blighty (maybe – unless we move before returning to Blighty)
The dogettes seemed to be a little concerned with boxes being present in the house but I have reassured them that the boxes are being emptied and that we are not upping sticks again, at this time.  

Now that’s a phrase that the American people seem to like adding on to the end of a sentence when they announce that something is not going to happen. For example :  “We have no plans to announce anything (pause for effect) – at this time.”   Seems a little bit surplus to requirements to me.  Just say that it isn’t going to happen – whatever it may be. I don’t think that anybody actually believes that at some point in the near future a big announcement will be made and whatever the thing is will happen.  Well, I am hoping that people don’t believe it.  But maybe some of them do – the ones with little or no brain.   They are spoon fed information – usually by some suit talking absolute bollocks and they believe everything that spouts out of the suit’s mouth.   Good grief – these people get to vote on the next leader of the free world (as the media keep saying)      –       lets all hope they make a sensible choice ………………………

other hamsters are available !

Moving swiftly on to that quintessentially British subject of, the weather.    Not awfully warm, in fact it is a little bit on the chilly side.  Long sleeve t shirt and a fleece were required.   I reckon it has something to do with the Hurricane Matthew which wandered along the east coast in the recent days.   Had lots of rain, quite windy and now the dregs of coolness are hanging about.   Hopefully things will improve – even a couple of degrees warmer would be nice – I am not ready to get out the coat!

1570956511_d7e98d2647Also,  fed up of picking up acorns – it is a race between me and the Princess of the Universe as to who can get there first.   Sometimes its me and other times it is her and she scoops as many as she can into her face!   cropped-img_1126.jpg

Then the great game starts – “Chase me round the garden!  When you catch me I will spit them out BUT if you don’t catch me I will eat them and make myself ill”  Silly dogette!


Here is today’s weather pic….. not really but it is a pretty photo 😘1

See you next time people – have a lovely day/evening/night


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