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Just a Little Note

Here I am.  Did you miss me?    Last weekend was thimg_0242e trip back to Blighty.  A jolly good time was had by all – lovely to see all the siblings.  That’s something that doesn’t happen very often – all of us in the same room at the same time.  And here is the evidence…..  Linda, Sue, Phil, Ian and little old me.   This was before much food and drink was consumed.   I have to admit to being a bit of a lightweight though.   On the return to our lovely lodgings I was the first to call it a night and go off to my pit.  I do have the jolly good excuse of having arrived from New York only the daimg_0228y before and completing a long drive from TheOD in Andover that very morning.   Speaking of our lovely lodgings – my room was very smart with a fab bathroom – only one slightly odd thing – never before seen by me.  And that was black toilet paper.   Can you believe it???  No, me either!!  Anyway, the hotel obviously thought that it was a very sophisticated touch.  Just had to get the photographic evidence 😂..   So, after the big celebration and a decent night’s sleep, it was back down the motorway to Hampshire to the company of Mr Lyttelton and his staff.    Lovely to see them and The Delightful Tilly Squill, her staff and The Wonderful Dit Dot Spot and her staff too.   Yet more lovely food and lots of laughs were had by all – we managed to name the TWO tortoises that Dit Dot Spot’s staff will be getting when the research has been completed.   I will keep you informed on progress on that front……….

On Monday it was just like old times – back up to Odiham to camp out at the groomers – and who should be there by Stan the Man, Popster and Peter – only the three most gorgeous Wirehaired Fox Terriers in the whole world.  

Afraid no photo of the jolly handsome Peter, he was far too busy chasing the ladies!   

Whilst I was away, the goods and chattels were delivered – timed my trip beautifully!   His Lordship took possession and put the larger items in a place – at least everything was in the house, piles and piles of boxes downstairs – which I am slowly working my way through.   Come to a full stop now as there are no places to put my vast amount of kitchen equipment and all the crockery that we seem to have brought with us.   Might have to contemplate having a “yard sale” – seems to be quite the thing around this neighbourhood.    I have opened some boxes, inspected the contents and thought “what on earth have we brought that for?”  These items are being put to one side (reminds me a little bit of the garage back in Blightly) – soon there will be piles to throw away, piles to go the goodwill and piles for possible sale…….   

Seem to have come full circle!  




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