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A Little Bit of Rambling

Well Hello.   I did say my mood would lighten up a bit after the last blog.   I have decided that I should just laugh at all the things that get on my last shredded nerve.   But before I get my “Happy Face On”  one last word about sprinklers……. Tipping down with rain – here is the scene in the front of the house…… 😂😳

Rightie-roo!  In all honesty I haven’t really got much to report today so this will be the usual waffle about nothing much in particular.   Hope you don’t mind too much – but if you do then please feel free to leave and return when it gets more interesting.

We have been doing lots of eating out – which incidentally doesn’t help with the weight loss “journey” that I am supposed to be on but hey ho.  At least this week there wasn’t a gain of any sort.  So, eating out. ………….


Me, being me, I do like to people watch whilst out – fascinating subject people – there are some quite odd types around.   Mind you, they could be watching me thinking how weird I am and then I speak!   An Alien Being is in their midst.    There is one thing that I have noticed about the na"Are you what they call a people watcher?"tives here – how they hold their fork and knife.  Totally non-sensical to me being a well brought up Brit.   Fork in their right hand with the tines facing upwards, knife in their left hand (obviously) and stab the food with the fork and cut the food that way.   Not only does it look odd, it isn’t very effective!  Even if the fork was turned to be tines down it would work better.    It is a very peculiar thing!  We all probably eat one-handed with the fork in the right hand, but usually we would put the fork in the left hand and cut with the right.   Anyway – each to their own!

From the beginning of this little ramble – you will have guessed that today is a rainy day – dogs still need to go outside to do whatever they need to.  And yet, here I sit waffling on to you, my dear reader,  when I really should be making an effort to be a responsible dog owner and take them on a wander in the pouring down rain.  I fear that if I wait much longer then it is going to turn into a proper storm with thunder and lightning and then said doggettes will not want to go out at all.  And that could lead to all sorts of problems!!  EEEEEWWWWWWWW …..

I will be back shortly to carry on – please excuse me whilst I go off and get a good summer rain soaking….  ☔️☔️☔️

We  are back – here are two soggy dogs in the garden after the walk……..  the third dogs was rubbing her head against my leg trying to dry her face – IN THE POURING RAIN STILL. Not quite the full shilling is The Ginger One….

You can guarantee that now we have been out in the rain and got soaking wet that in a very few minutes the rain will stop….. happens every time.   I wait and wait and wait to take the doggettes but they can’t wait forever and lo and behold the sun will come out as soon as I am back in doors drying myself and the dogs.

This last weekend was the last weekend of summer – apparently – but there will be “summer like” weather towards the end of this week.   The first day of AUTUMN is officially Thursday 22nd September and it seems that it is taken very literally here – all things summery will stop, all swimming (if you have one in the garden) are put to bed for the winter and not re-opened until about June,  no outdoor concerts now – it is all about “Fall” Festivals and Pumpkin Picking and such like activities.    If the weather is going to be warm and sunny – surely it is still summer but No – you have to go by what the book says!  Not even late summer will do it is officially Autumn as of Thursday and nobody will take anything else…..  Heating will be turned on in all shops leaving us meer mortals to bake whilst shopping instead of freezing – it really is one extreme to the other.


There will be further updates another day, but in the meantime I am flying to the UK (on a plane silly) on Thursday 22nd, for a very fleeting visit to attend a very special family gathering hosted by Big Sis and Her Hubster who are celebrating a very special wedding anniversary this year!    All the siblings will be there (which is quite unusual) and I am sure a jolly time will be had by all.   Returning to the USA on Tuesday 27th – so it really is a fleeting visit……..

db33034c3c90dcafd8e9d239c419deaaSee you later people – have a lovely week !

3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Rambling

  1. Totally get your angst about cutlery. My teeth itch seeing people brandish knives and forks in the wrong direction, using the wrong hand… I could go on!

    (Might even be a pet hate 😉 )

    Safe trip home xx


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