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Some Negatives

Good Afternoon friends and relations.    I have not been very active these past weeks – not that I couldn’t but more I couldn’t be arsed.

Having a few thoughts on whether we need to relocate from this rented house to another rented house.    Not sure His Lordship is amenable to that though.  The house is mostly OK (not what I would have gone for but His Lordship was panicking)  but quite frankly the neighbours leave a lot to be desired.  I thought the ones in the UK were pretty annoying but these types take it to a whole new level.   The idea of being in a “neighbourhood” was a good one on paper but now that I am here and have been here at home mostly all day, I think we should have gone for a more “out of the way” place.   I have not actually met these neighbours and quite honestly, I have no desire to.  I am sure if you look deep enough they are perfectly pleasant but EVEN I am offended by the level of sweary words that are yelled back and forth across their garden.  And I know a lot of words, great words…….swearing-1200x330

The thing that really annoys me about it though is we have to sign a lease for this house that states in it “Tenant is entitled to quiet enjoyment of the premises but will not use the premises or adjacent areas in such a way to create a nuisance by annoying, disturbing, inconveniencing or interfering with the quiet enjoyment and peace and quiet of nearby residents, or their safety or comfort or engage in any other objectionable conduct”  But obviously this doesn’t apply to other residents that act in such a way as to interfere with MY quiet enjoyment of the premises.

So what I need is a house with about an acre of space between me and the next property not just a fence and about twenty feet.   GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Whilst I am having this rant – what is it with Americans and the use of sprinklers for hours and hours?   ……  in the rain for goodness sake.   They are obsessed with lawns and let me tell you now that most of these lawns are not all that brilliant!   The sprinkler system here, has been on now for almost 4 hours, watering various bits of green – some of which is not worth bothering about as the grass is barely hanging on by a thread  – and has dried up and died.   As we pay for the water it rather annoys me that these things are on for so long and it is completely unnecessary – I don’t care that the water is very cheap just have some sense people – the more you use the less you will have in the future!  burnt-point-aerial-1Apparently there is one very large property on Long Island – at the posh end – The Hamptons – that used 22 million gallons of water last year alone.  And the person that owns said property doesn’t actually live there or even use it as a summer home – so my guess is that all this water was used to keep lots of acres of lawn green that nobody sees or uses.  (Probably not this actual property but you can see the lush green of the grass that they all seem to like)  Excellent!  So more money than sense then??

Just read back what I have wrote ( 😂 ) – all very negative – Oh well!  Never mind, at some point my mood will lighten up again…….

On a happier note, Chief Doggette is very happy at the moment as I bought him some new squeaker balls the other day – as soon as I brought the shopping in and placed the bag on the floor in range of his “super nose” his head was in the bag looking for the squeeeeeekers.   Clever boy!   IIMG_0106 had to buy him new because whilst out playing in the garden I managed to throw one over the fence to the lovely neighbours – which hasn’t come back – no doubt been destroyed by their dog.   And no I am not going to go and ask for it back before you say anything………   As you can see he would have been quite happy for us to go out and just thrown the packet.  He waited very patiently for me up unpack the rest of the goodies and then we had a good old play.   The girls tried very hard to get the ball  but they had no chance – even when he is knackered he will always get there first.

Right off to make a science egg….

see you next time – when maybe I will be more cheerful – xxx


PS:  SPRINKLERS STILL SPRINKLING – 41/2 hours later!!!  and the garden isn’t that big -sheeeeeeeesh

PPS:  it is now 4.00pm on 5th September (LaboUr Day) and the sprinklers have been going since approximately 9.00am –  quite a lot of tarmac has been watered – am becoming ever more irate!    And I am pretty certain that this happens twice a week – so two full days of water wastage  – words have failed me. 

2 thoughts on “Some Negatives

  1. Love the photo of Chief Dogette, can just imagine him getting himself into knots chasing the new balls. Not so great about your neighbours but you don’t know these kind of things until you move in. The gardens here are tinder dry, even our sunflowers have cracked and fallen so our annual competition is a bit pathetic this year. Dad M will have to resort to his usual trick of cutting and pasting so he has the tallest plant.

    We’d a rent-a-pet last week – looking after a friend’s tortoise. Lovely but not quite the same. We’ve not caved yet…

    Take care xx

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    1. Helloooo – nope a tortoise not quite the same – would be a very slow retrieve 🙂 Is that not cheating “cutting and pasting” I shall have to report him to the authorities…. Looking forward to hearing that you have caved – eventually xxx


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