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Fun mosquito

Still looking for a repellent that works on these flying bitey bastards!   Have ordered some stuff in the UK which I will be collecting on my small, swift trip in September.  The company would have shipped to the USA but you will never guess in a million, squillion years how much they wanted to transport two bottles of the said spray to the colonies?   I will tell you but I must warn you first that you may faint with shock.  Here goes – two bottles of spray – total cost £40 shipping to the USA £100 – YES you have read that right ONE HUNDRED of the English pounds.  I politely declined – actually not that politely, I will admit.  Anyway, the spray has been despatched to TheOD and I will be taking possession at the end of September.

I am whizzing back to help with the celebrations of the BigSis and Hubster’s 50th wedding anniversary.  When I say “help” I mean – take part in – eating and having a small drink with.  Fifty whole years – amazing.  It is a very short trip of only 5 days….  arrive Friday morning fly back on Tuesday afternoon the following week.   I might be tired when I get back and take to my bed for a bit.  Which would please the dogettes no doubt as long I got out of the bed to let them out for hygiene purposes.  Oh and possibly food too.

Speaking of which, I have researched the raw feeding options here (look away now if you have objections to raw feeding) and have finally settled on two suppliers.  One of which is Darwin’s which will deliver fortnightly to me – well the dogettes – and the other one Primal – which I can get locally(ish).   Pickford is most happy with the Darwin’s – but as a back up he finds the Primal acceptable.   The other two greedy guts don’t much care as long as they get food.   Sadly for the dogettes – there doesn’t seem to be a tripe option – not so sadly for me though!

Love the de-frosting trays that Darwin’s send you – but I do need more of them – hopefully today’s delivery will contain another one….. We can live in hope.

There is not much to report here really except  ……………………………….

the container with our goods and chattels in has arrived at the port of New York and has been randomly chosen to have an intensive exam by the Department of Customs and Homeland Security.  What joy!   As we were “groupage” (not a container of our own – not enoughshipping- suff) let us hope that whoever we were sharing with has nothing in there that is a wee bit on the dodgy side!  😳    Ours will be one of those on the bottom row – not that this is a pic of the ship it travelled on but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did actually look very similar to this.   It’s no wonder things fall off!

Out on the wander the other day me and my three pals broke several local rules : (well 2)      1.  In a park with dogs where they are NOT ALLOWED   and ……………………………………. 2.  One of my pals – the very well-behaved one – was off lead and running around in the park where they are not allowed.    IMG_0067I shall be forcibly removed and sent home!   I know that would please some of you readers but I would think it is a little bit unlikely to happen for letting your four-legged friend loose in a park.   But considering where I am – nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

In other news – I am not now a non-person.  I have a Social Security Number (I find that very difficult to say – even in my head as I trype this) – doesn’t mean I can work though which is not a bad thing!   For that I must have another set of permissions and a piece of paper that says I am entitled to work – and for this we pay yet  more money!  Even though the type of visa that His Lordship has, with me as an “add-on” does technically give me permission to work.  In my opinion, the Department of Whatever thinks up schemes to charge Johnny Foreigner for any little thing that they can get away with.   Or, they think up schemes to give more people a job – not a bad thing obviously but when some of these jobs are duplications of what we already have permission for it seems a little bit silly.   I am supposed to keep the said number safe and not carry it around with me – I have  no room in my brain for any more numbers so what’s a girl to do??  Answers on a postcard please.

My next Administration task is to apply for a driving licence – and yes you’ve guessed it – that will cost money too.   Then, more money for taking a written test – it is really written, not on a computer,  more money for sitting in a room for five hours watching out of date videos on safety, yet more money for a couple of lessons to check I can drive (insert roll of eyes here) and in the end more cash to take a driving test.  And the cheek of it – when you pass they remove your UK licence from you.   I have a plan for that – not telling you though – it is a very secret squirrel type of a plan.

Right – as my lovely friend Liz-Whiz would say “Must Get On”

see you next time xxx



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