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Just Checking In for a Chat

Right then, couple of weeks in to this American Adventure and all is going quite smoothly. The Dogettes have settled in pretty well – The Sensitive Soul, had a couple of mishaps but all is now better, thanks in part to an Adaptil collar and Rescue Remedy.

We seem to be working on a routine – early start but getting better and then a snooze post breakfast,  race around the garden whilst the Huminion has her tea and then on to the neighbourhood IMG_5200walk after the Huminion staff has eaten her brekkie.  Can’t beat a perfect “Science Eggie” (or two).  Now you may wonder just exactly what a Science Egg is – only the most perfect way to make a boiled egg – in the microwave!    I hear you gasp and say “you can’t boil an egg in a microwave”  Oh yes you can, my friend – wrap said egg in foil (I hear you gasp for the second time! ) and cover with boiling water – has to be boiling.   Cook in your microwave for approximately 5 1/2 minutes (depending on the wattage of your machine) – remove and give the egg a cold shower and lo-and-behold you should have the perfect boiled egg….. With thanks to my jolly good friend Mr Lyttelton’s personal chef and caregiver.   (Mr Lyttelton is my God-dog, by the way, not the actual Humphrey Lyttelton which would be slightly amazing as he has been gone from this mortal world for quite some time).   Not overly sure if this was a recipe passed down from family or friend but wherever it came from – GENIUS!

The Dogettes and staff went on their first proper outing last weekend – lovely day, although a little bit too warm probably for the charging about.   Luckily the Dogettes could have a paddle at the end of the grassy slope.  Happy days…..

Please excuse Pickster in the corner there !


Place called Coindre Hall – don’t ask because I really have no clue as to what it was for or what it is used for now.  Other than dogs can race about off lead here and nobody seems to mind.  There is a mansion house which looks to be very well-kept, that you drive by to get to the parking area, and lots and lots of green space and wooded areas for the dogs to play in.  There were many dogs there when we were, some that The Sensitive Soul took umbrage to and had a jolly good bark at.  Not that this is a reflection of her attitude at all but said dogs are mostly big, black fluffy ones.  It think it stems from her being chased and harassed by a black dog that appeared from nowhere, with no owner in sight whilst we were out and about in UK.  😳😱  It disappeared back from whence it came, but since then Miss Sensitive has not been a fan of black dogs – small black dogs she can cope with but anything larger than a labrador she gets all shouty and silly.

So all is progressing here quite nicely thank you.  My car is very nice to drive and I have been on a few explorations by myself.  Not very far, as getting to grips with the idiots that drive will be quite a challenge.   All the 12 year olds in the fancy cars that think that they are the world’s best driv1891764-007squirtleer ever, need to be made to learn to drive in a car where they actually have to do something.  Other than sit back and press the accelerator and brake now and again. Oh – and looking for Pokemon or texting!!!
If they were made to learn in a “stick shift” vehicle then maybe they would understand how to drive like a human being as opposed to a moron.

Anyway, enough of that – trundling around getting stuff for the house has been interesting – I am still in “holiday” brain and thinking to myself “how much is that is real money?”  Some things – food wise – are definitely more expensive, but other things are definitely cheaper.   Also having the Farm Stands open at the moment is handy.  There are a couple nearby which have lots of lovely fresh produce every day – the other day I got some most delicious strawberries, baby plum tomatoes and Northport peaches plus other assorted items.   Whilst I was waiting to pay the lady behind the counter was trying to finish a slice of watermelon that she had just cut – I told her no rush and to carry on, happy to wait.   So she gave me a piece too.  Very nice it was – most refreshing.

On a not so positive note – mosquitos!   Or now more commonly known by me and His Lordship as Flying Bitey Bastards!   Why is it that every time I set foot out of the comfort of the partly air-conditioned Fun mosquitohouse – even when I have sprayed myself with Anti Bitey Bastard spray – I get bit?  Why me?  Never His Lordship, just me.   I must be super tasty for the Bitey Bastards – that or they like my very special blood.   Perhaps they too have preferences about which blood type they can consume.  If I catch them they don’t get the option of testing the blood – they get squished!  Or if they have somehow managed to wheedle their nasty little selves into the house they get a good dose of Killer Spray – that’ll teach ’em.   Must look into getting something to spray the garden with as I cannot spend too long outside in the one comfy chair that His Lordship purchased before I arrived before being attacked.  Perhaps it is something that the Garden Boys would do?  I shall enquire of the Landlord.

wicker2Could somebody tell me why he only bought ONE comfy chair?   Was he not actually expecting me to arrive before winter?  Or shall we give him the benefit of the doubt (again) and say that only one would fit in the car?   (This is not the actual chair, in fact not even very similar apart from the fact it is a chair and has a footstool).    No table to rest my drink on and now the shops are gearing up for AUTUMN – I refuse point-blank to to Autumn as Fall.  Don’t care that it is a logical thing to call a season where all the leaves fall off the trees – not doing it!     Not Never!    So, perhaps we will have to wait until next Spring/Summer to make a purchase of another chair or two.   Oh yes and a table to put one’s drink on – and snack – obviously.

Catch you next time   xx


3 thoughts on “Just Checking In for a Chat

  1. Great to hear you are all settling in well – apart from the mozzies! Argh! Interesting idea for the perfect egg but foil/microwave?? Intriguing but I’m not sure I could risk the foil thing. Does it really work without blowing everything up? 🙂 xx

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