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Am now an Alien !!

Do forgive me for not posting anything for a couple of weeks – I appear to have been rather busy.   The move has happened and I am writing this lounging about in my lovely bed in the US.   Surrounded by the dogettes!

This is the scene we left behind in the UK – well similar, because this is not a picture of what used to be my downloadhouse – far too clean for one thing.   So after much socializing and eating out and some final bits of sorting by His Lordship who was in the UK for the final week before moving day we have finally relocated ourselves and the dogs.   That was traumatic – for me not the dogs I hasten to add.  I made His Lordship drop them off at their transporters – and I stayed and supervised the wonderful packers of stuff!.    You want to know how many boxes/items are being shipped on our behalf – 133!  The guys said it may be a record for 2 people…… perhaps he was joking but I’m not so sure.

It was a weird couple of days watching everything being wrapped and boxed and then wrapped again – labels, descriptions, inventory.  export-wrappingThank goodness for packers…… nobody in their right mind would want to undertake this themselves – surely?   When all things were packed – some that perhaps really shouldn’t be but that will be the surprise of opening everything up when it all turns up in about 10 weeks – the house looked a little bit sad.   Truth be told, I wasn’t – I had been waiting for this time for EVER and it was actually a relief.   Mad afternoon of cleaning ensued – I won’t tell you about the state of the main bedroom behind the chest of drawers that had been in the same place for eons………..  You will just have to use your imagination.  Does anybody ever move all the furniture to clean????    OOOOOO – I know somebody who probably does!  Not telling you though – they might read this and then I will be in serious trouble.

Goodbyes are hard!  –  fortunately we got through them without too much grizzling on my part – some others I can’t possibly comment on but they know who they are. farewelltmc  Even TheOD had sensibly arranged a day off on the day we left the country and filled it with fun activities – like a visit to IKEA.   Plus other assorted jolliness.  😀   Thank goodness for Facetime and Skype – I’m sure other means of communication are available – but I’m not the BBC so I don’t have to mention them all…


On arrival at the airport all was well – His Lordship managed to make a purchase of a watch that he had been promising himself he would get when all things had been completed on the sale of the house. prod_1678680012 Very nice watch I have to say but don’t tell him I said that.  We lounged about in the lounge for a wee bit – had a bite to eat and then proceeded at a leisurely pace to the allotted gate number……   Excellent news for me – I had been upgraded to Business (not George though – shame) – bliss…… we separated on the plane though I did wave to him from my lovely seat and visit him a couple of times.   I would like to thank Poppy BigBones mummy but I’m not sure she reads this –  I shall have to send via other means.  I think that this may be the only way to travel now….. no more NumbBum from the plane’s seats – marvellous.  So in light of the watch purchase I think there may be a deal to be done on that issue………

House here is cool – garden is fab for the dogettes and I am sure they will soon settle after their trip.   I must say that they were a little bit bewildered by it all and when we turned up at their new abode they had a really good sniff of just about every inch of the garden – did what they needed to and then ventured indoors.   Yet more sniffing every inch of every room – completely ignored the new beds we had purchased for their arrival – typical……

But in the end they settled and had a lovely nap on the sofa with me whilst His Lordship was out foraging for supplies.   Have made the decision not to leave the dogettes on their own just yet until they have worked out in their little heads that this is now where they live, rather than being on a holiday.  They were pleased to see their tiffin at tiffin time – even though I rather think it is not up to the usual standard of loveliness.   But having been starved for 24 hours in order to fly I think they would have eaten whatever I gave them.  We will take them on an outing today and see if we can find a premium product similar to their usual fare.   On the sleeping front – I think I can report that dogs get jet lag too – it seems that 4.30am was a good time to need a wee so off we trooped into the garden with a torch, then straight back to bed and more sleeps.

So – now we are actually relocated I guess I shall have to think of other things to tell you about.  If you would be interested in carrying on reading these little ramblings about nothing in particular.   There may even be some complaining about the spelling, pronunciation of words and the fact that my accent is not understood – maybe I should practice my BBC English or I could just learn Spanish!!!!

Onwards – to start my new adventure complete with my dogettes…….. And His Lordship  xxxx


Speak soon xxxx



6 thoughts on “Am now an Alien !!

  1. Great to hear you are all there safely. Love to hear you turned ‘left’ on the flight – the only way to travel! Especially pleased to hear the dogettes are safely in their new home and that your adventure in the States has officially begun.

    An interesting time to land in the US with the elections. Do keep telling us how you are adapting to life in that glorious part of the world. xx

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I know, I’ve decided we’ll just have to see you in NY. 🙂 Plus I’ve appointed myself your official Zebon news hound! Might be short missives :). Unless of course we eventually cave and start browsing dogettes online… xx

        Liked by 1 person

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