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The List Goes On

2wf78teI keep making lists, ticking things off then making a new list which is even longer than the previous one!   How can that be?   But at least the three important bookings are in and confirmed………..

  1. The VIP’s flight
  2. The Hoominions flight
  3. The goods and chattels shipping

I have even made a notice for the neighbours to tell them that there may be some issues with their getting in and out of their drives next week.  Am I a kind and considerate neighbour or what?   I think so…..  Mostly, I have done that so that they can’t complain when the container or very large truck appears and blocks the drive.   As luck would have it, the container will be here on rubbish collection day too which will make it very interesting.  If it runs true to form the whole close will not get their rubbish emptied because the rubbish truck will possibly not be able to manoeuvre around the container truck and parked cars.  Oh well, never mind we will sort that out when the time comes!

So, the sorting continues – and I really should take things to the tip rather than saying “that pile needs to go to the tip” bIMG_5024ecause the “pile” is getting larger by the minute.  Just when you think you have disposed of everything that you possibly can up pops another cupboard!   There is a drawer in one of the bedrooms that has a supply of unused toothpaste, deodorants etc, – all bought when they were on offer – I will have to research where I can donate these things as I am sure they will be useful to somebody.  And these are extra to the ones in the cupboard which is just for this sort of thing – which will also need emptying – shampoo anyone?

When I was looking into the little box thingys that we use as bedside tables in the spare room I discovered several cushion pads – no covers, just the pads.  Now why on earth would I want to keep those?   Was I under the illusion that at some time in the future I would make a new cover for it?  Silly me – that was never going to happen!  There were also a couple of spiders living quite happily – they weren’t thrilled to have their comfy house emptied – not sure where they are living now.  I shall leave them in situ for the incomers – housewarming pressie… 😀

You know when you look for things to do – particularly when you have so much to do that you should be doing but don’t want to!   Well, the current dogmobile is obviously being sold and lets just say that it is in a bit of a state – dog hair nicely woven in to everything it can get into, lovely loads of Spinone slobber on the windows.   I even resorted to hoovering the dogmobile this weekend – quite honestly it hasn’t made that much of a difference but it is now slightly more respectable.   His Lordship can have another go at it if he wants to, but I have done my bit!  Actually, he won’t have time because he needs to be sorting through all the bits of computery type recycling-basketthings that have been unearthed in various cupboards and drawers.  That will keep him amused for a bit.  There is also a large box part filled with watch stuff, and a small toolbox type thingy – also with some watch stuff.   I thought he had taken all of that with him.  Not that he collects watches or anything……. he says he doesn’t but I think that might be a fib!  The last time I accused him of acquiring too many watches, I told him if he gets another one we’ll get another puppy.  He got another watch – I got a puppy!  Which I think is perfectly reasonable.

Right, time is getting on and I really must start my day – only had one cup of tea.  Not able to function properly without another cup…..

Going to be a scorcher today.  Keep hydrated people!   (And animals)

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