Chatter · Family · Moving house


Just going to put this out there for the world to see……..

Why is it that some children do not possess a6be836d47cb2027083823d4a7a4bcb43a24cab83a58d8e8518fd4b90b328e331 volume control or rather their parents don’t seem to have the inclination to tell their offspring what is an appropriate noise level.

OK – so the sun is shining, the paddling pool is having its annual outing and being filled with warm water – just wondering whether it is absolutely essential that the offspring screech at about a million decibels when they dip a toe in the water?

I know that not all offspring are like this before all you owners of delightful ones start on at me for generalizing but I seem to be surrounded by them……

Huge sigh of relief that we will be gone before too long.   Not sure that our immediate neighbours will appreciate that we have sold the house to a family with small children – one of which is a football player,   endless balls over the fence for them to retrieve……

I feel a devilish scheme forming in my little brain ……… not going to tell you what it is because you might let it slip – ha!

OOH lookie – a big black cloud black-cloud-4g9h

I shall also do a rain dance – evil witch that I am ………


Do enjoy the rest of your day…. 😳


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