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Happy days……  Contracts have finally been exchanged – almost a year after the start of this very slow moving adventure.   _73558109_jonathan624All systems are now GO!sleeping-in-bed-drawing  Actually, dear reader, you may just have this startling bit of information before His Lordship, who will still be in the land of nod.

Bookings confirmed for our flights, shippers coming in to pack and empty the house week commencing 25th …….. then we are out of here at the end of that week.

I shouldn’t really be sat waffling on to you, I should either be:

  1. having another cup of tea and thinking what I should do next
  2. taking the dogs for a stroll
  3. cleaning the empty rooms, so there is less to do at the end
  4. sorting out more stuff and deciding what is junk and what is a keeper

But it seemed important to share the momentous news.   Just when I was beginning to think it wasn’t going to happen – that will be the pessimist in me I guess.   Think the worst then it is always a nice surprise when good things happen.

Also, it has just occurred to me that I haven’t had my breakfast – only tea!  Thought I was feeling a wee bit peckish.

I shall leave you now and get some sustenance…….

Have a lovely day – sun is shining !




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