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Who knew there would be so many forms to fill in for US Customs???   I suppose I should have guessed having been through their system so many times.    Well, we now know when our stuff will be packed up and gone from the house – actually booked it in the other day   –article-1181248-03A99ECD000005DC-78_634x393 thank goodness it’s not our money I am spending!  Apparently – exchange date is possibly (!!!) 13th and completion by end of month still – at this point I don’t much care when completion date is.  I am off – getting pretty bored with all this now to be honest.

OK – so one day nearer – paid for the shipping and a huge amount of insurance, covered for everything I could think of.  Carried on with the sorting of paperwork – have uncovered hundreds of used notebooks – some going back to 2012 –  do you think His Lordship needs them still?  Looking at the handwriting in them I doubt anybody would be able to decipher the notes in there.  😂

Having spoken (via text) to His Lordship, I have binned the notebooks – recycled them actually before any of you save the earth types start losing your cool!  There will be a mass of recycling in the blue bin the next time round.  Full to bursting –  so much paper kept for no reason at all other than we couldn’t be bothered to dispose of it at the time.   Yes, we are that lazy – in some respects – not so much in others.  ae235Oh – and I have BURNT (out in the open air) quite a lot of stuff that may have had some sensitive information contained in it.  Quelle Horreur!   Well, I’m sure I read somewhere that the Ozone layer was healing!

Right, having booked the shipment of goods we now have to make the choice of whether we book our human flights before  we book the VIPs their flight and overnight accommodation.  Much discussion has ensued – I am favouring flying later on the Friday and dropping the VIPs on Friday morning and hopefully they will be able to fly on the Saturday and be with us only one day later.   Not sure how that will work until I can speak to their travel agent on Monday.   I think we need to risk it and book the hoominions flights – not that we will have anywhere to sleep on Thursday – but I am sure there is somebody out there who will take pity on a IMG_1582homeless person and her three small furry friends.  They aren’t very big and they certainly don’t take up much room    Oh – nearly forgot – might have a stowaway if I can prise him from his mum’s arms!!!!!!!!IMG_1666



Meet the very lovely Stanley – what a boy he is.    His Hoominions won’t miss him at all – they have two others of the lovelies – Poppy & Peter.

Just kidding, I could never deprive StanTheMan of his Hoominions and I would definitely not deprive the Hoominions of their Stan.  (Even if I am very tempted to run off into the sunset with him).  IMG_1686 Here’s another little chap whose little face I will miss seeing my GodDog – Humphrey Lyttelton !  Bit far for him to come and stay on his jolly hollys ………


Almost forgot!   How could I…….   this darling is Tilly-Squilly, the most loving and cuddly small black dog in the whole of the world.

Right must plod on with  getting organised – see you next time……………..



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