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Up, Up & Away We Go

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And so the time has come to actually book tickets!   The house sale is moving at a pace now and we WILL be on our merry way by the end of July – no matter what.    Hardly seems real now…..  having waited so long for it to happen.   O.M.G. – that’s 28 days from now.


So mad sorting going on – obviously not at this very moment as I am wittering on to you, dear reader!   Do I tell the dogs now that they are going on a long journey or shall I leave it as a surprise for them?  But it will aIMG_5071.JPGll be worth it at the other end……  Uh-oh The Pickster has fainted!   Not really, he had been scruffling about on the sofa and ended up looking like that.  Silly lad.   Just think of all the new stuff that all three of the louts will be able to scruffle about on.   His Lordship has been tasked with getting some new toys, beds and bowls ready for their arrival as they will be without most of their familiar things for 8-10 weeks whilst they make their way in the rubber dinghy across the sea.  Hopefully the toys with remaining limbs are strong rowers!   I will surreptitiously have to weed out the de-stuffed, de-limbed toys and not put these in the toy-box for shipping.  Perhaps these misshapes can be put in a suitcase to take on the huminions plane so there will be some favourites to arrive to.   Must take a few tennis balls and squeeekers for The Pickster – he would be distraught if there were none available to welcome him to his new dwelling place.

I don’t think my brain can takecharlie_brown any more new information in at the moment – it is full.  I will either have to buy more storage or delete things to make room.   Yesterday, I had to ask somebody three times whether they wanted tea or coffee, and how they wanted it!  And the day before that I couldn’t remember two things that a friend had said she
would like us to look out for at supermarkets.
All I have to do is now choose what to delete – people who are surplus to requirements?  All the useless information that is stored in the hidden corners of my brain?  Maybe it’s an age thing and nothing to do with all the move stuff that is rattling around in there.

Have just spent 15 minutes trying to find out about cancelling the rubbish internet/tv service we have….. supposed to be superfast broadband speed – some joke!   I may have to resort to actually speaking to a person – not necessarily in this country though – who will no doubt spend another 15 minutes trying to persuade me not to cancel the services even after I have told him/her about a gazzillion times that we are leaving the country and unless they are planning on laying cables under the sea just for us to have their rubbish service on Long Island then they are wasting their breath!  In actual fact, having spent so long waiting for some sort of answer from the useless company, His Lordship phoned them and actually got through to the number for cancellations.  Where a very nice message told him there would be a thirty minute wait!!!   Looks like there are plenty of disgruntled persons waiting to ditch the useless lumps.

Rightie-roo, what next can I do to make this transition to US life go smoothly,  I have sent His Lordship on a forage for dog beds this weekend – he has a day off on Monday – something ca2C9Bbrwn_lglled Independence Day.  😂🇺🇸  .  I found a very nice one on the interweb, the kids will love it I think, not a Tuffies Nest but will suffice until the Tuffies arrive……looks quite comfy… obviously won’t have “Bailey” embroidered on it though because, as you know our kids have very sensible dog names.  This Bailey character looks pretty comfy though – so I think this must be the one!   I shall send his Lordship on his way to get one….. or perhaps just send him onto his local, reliable internet connection to make the purchase.

Right – Must Get On – lots to do..

Have a lovely weekend –  see you next time.. x





One thought on “Up, Up & Away We Go

  1. Definitely put my forgetfulness down to age but in your case think you can blame stress, excitement and just the whole OMG we’re moving to America

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