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Good news, bad news

Hurrah!   We are at last ready to exchange contracts with the current prospects.   Only one small snag – they haven’t had their mortgage valuation done…   Having paid hundreds of

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 08.17.09

pounds for their actual survey to see if the house is liable to fall down, which was done about a week after the offer was accepted.  Now here we are, a month later and only just having the valuation survey done.  It’s not like they are actually getting a mortgage on this property but “porting” their existing mortgage (whatever that means) and having a buy to let mortgage on their current house.   Anyway, next Tuesday we will be welcoming a chap from Virgin Money to value our house.   If all goes well then we can expect movement on the paperwork front soon.   If it doesn’t all go plan then you can expect a huge rant of manic proportions.

Was in the study on Tuesday afternoon into the early evening sorting through files of years old paperwork getting buried under the stacks of paper that will now be burnt and do you know what I did!   I didn’t keep an eye on the time and suddenly it was 7.45pm!   Not only did the doggettes have a very late dinner – I missed Zumba!   How foolish did I feel – very…………


Anyway, I made up for missing class – worked extremely hard at last nights class.   Honest Guv.

Right, back to moving house issues.   I really need to organise what to do with all remaining electrical items that TheOD hasn’t snaffled for her house.   Do I ebay, do I give away put on the Freecycle pages or heaven forbid the local book of faces selling page?  Unless you know anybody out there that needs small electrical items…… no good to me in the US.  However I will be taking the lampshades – actually only one – the one that has the dogs on including an Italian Spinone.  That’s very unusual to see a Spinone on anything.  I reckon the designer of the fabric has a Spin as a pet. I could be wrong they might have just done some looking through dog books.  😏  For those of you who don’t know what a Spinone looks like – here are three examples.


Well, as it is now Friday 24th June, I will sit here and wait for the phone to ring and the news that the current prospects have decided against buying another house in these uncertain times……… On the bright side though at least we will have had a jolly good clear out!

And on that note – all I have to say is:




2 thoughts on “Good news, bad news

  1. Not that we actually have any money, because we were recently doomed by the collapse of Arrium… buuuuuut, now the pound is worth about 0.000000000000000000000001 of an Aussie $, maybe we can buy it with some change from down the back of the sofa….. If the prospects get twitchy.

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