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Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring! Don’t Panic!

Is it time for me to have a small panic?  Or a large panic?   His Lordship has been in touch with the crooks  estate agents selling our house and they have suggested that COMPLETION will be sometime before the end of July.  I am assuming that they mean this year.  Ha!

I had better get down to some serious sorting of the stuff I have left to sort.   I feel that there are going to be around a million trips to the local tip – the blokes there nearly had forty fits when I went in this weekend.   They couldn’t get to the car fast enough to relieve me of the two kettles and a toaster that I was unloading, plus assorted computery type wires.  potting-shed-2 Must admit though they didn’t seem too impressed with the used or partially used garden chemicals.

This picture is similar to how the garden shed looks now.  Although, there are some gardening tools in there, which TheOD will be collecting no doubt at some time in the near future.  Except, of course the little lawnmower, which I may have to make use of a few more times before departure.  It would be very bad form to leave the normally well manicured lawn at an unacceptable height.    OIMG_5027h alright, we don’t have a well manicured lawn, we have a waste ground with some patches of green and some daisies.
IMG_5025Don’t you just love daisies?   They are the friendliest flower…………..   So, at least the shed is pretty empty and I don’t have to heave anymore chemicals to the tip.   Oh wait, maybe there are some containers lurking in the garage….

I must admit though, that the prospect of this house sale actually happening is quite scary now.   Having waited almost a year – it would be a year in August when we started marketing our house – now it is happening I can’t quite believe it.   But fingers and toes and all other things that cross will be staying crossed until papers are exchanged.

My next piece of planning,  is to try on every single piece of clothing I own and be completely and utterly ruthless – not so much with the shoes though.  hedi-gores-shoe-closet-21I know for a fact that there a couple of pairs of shoes in the shoe department that I will never, ever wear,  probably,  so the other couple of pairs will be mulled over very carefully to decide which pair will make the cut.   Then there are the boots to consider – choices, choices.   No need to worry about the full-on furry winter boot, they have already taken up residence in the new US house wardrobe – or should that be closet?  Nope, think I’ll stick with wardrobe.  When I last visited the house – way back in January – I was lead to believe that it would be freezing cold and there would be snow – possibly.   So I packed accordingly – well it was unseasonably warm whilst I was there so no need for the furry boot.  Still at least they are there – ready for this coming winter.   I have made a start on the final wardrobe sorting and just let me say that at the rate I am going I will have no clothes left.   Tried on lots of things and looked at myself in the mirror and for the most part my first thought was “What on earth were you thinking?”  😜   Needless to say the charity shops locally will be doing rather well.  Again.   There is also stuff in His Lordship’s wardrobe and I am just pondering whether to be ruthless with what is in there too.   Would I dare do you think?   I do believe that he has more pairs of shoes than me……  and that is just the ones that are left in HIS shoe department, with several other pairs already residing the US.

Filling in forms for the dogs transport and there is a question:  Does your pet enjoy grooming?  Mmmmm – what to say about Lula-Mae?   Shall I tell them that she turns into a raging savage or just keep quiet?  The other two I can honestly say yes they do – sort of.  I’m not really sure why the IMG_4737pet transport need to know this – do they have a bath and brush-up for their journey?  If I can book them in with Auntie Suzi before they go they will arrive looking fabulous and put all the US dogs to shame who will be most jealous of their marvellous haircuts.  Maybe we won’t let The Pickster have another Mohican this time round.  But I thought he looked quite snazzy – bit like a hyena but His Lordship was not overly impressed so we gave him a proper haircut after a week.   He did get some strange looks whilst we were out walking though.

Oh well, back to the sorting shed!


This little blogette is a little bit all over the place – I think panic mode might have been activated!!!!!!






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