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Life’s Little Irritations

swearing-1200x330Now this little blog effort today is not really about moving abroad or gardens or families.  It is more a “things that irritate me” kind of a blog.

First things first – why is now everything some sort of “journey”?   The journey all the pretend chefs take in the cooking programme with the two blokes that need a slap, the weight-loss journey, the spiritual journey to find your inner peace. Most irritating of all – the journey that an author will take you on whilst reading a book.    Give me a break!    Sheesh.   Have these people packed up all their cooking skills and sent them off in a car or vehicle of some sort on their own.   If only it was that easy just to pack up all your overweight bits and say “goodbye, have a good journey, safe travels.”  Maybe I am just a grumpy slightly old person but what’s wrong with saying I’m on a diet or trying to lose some weight?  Or,  I like to think I can cook – let me on your programme so everyone can see me.   Or, I just need to have a ponder on life and what it means to me.    Yes, I know that the dictionary will give you the more usual meaning of journey and then the one that more and more people are using to describe something they are trying to achieve.

 a) An act of travelling from one place to another                                                                                                  b) A long and often difficult process of personal change and development

Today’s journey through life will take me on a dog walk, probably up to the local shop for a few provisions, possibly petrol and then out for dinner this evening – that is a long and difficult process (particularly the buying of petroleum) in my effort to change and develop.  😃🙄

Moving on – VIRGIN MEDIA – now this could take a while – mainly because the interweb is coming and going – perhaps it is on some sort of personal journey to change and develop?

So, most days I have a little troll around the book of faces whilst drinking my first cup of tea of the day.  Today, I fired up the Mac and what happens – nothing… overview_wireless_hero_enhancedOh the Mac wakes up beautifully but try to connect to anything via the interweb – not a hope. There I sat, dogs all snuggled in – actually Olive was stalking a fly across the window ledge, but the other two were snuggled close for their post brekkie nap.   Some time later – after disturbing sleeping dogs and resetting the hub thingy, scanning to see which is the least used channel (thanks Mac) and not being able to change the channel because I couldn’t get on the internet……  finally – all children and parents must have departed for school and or work.  And lo – there was life……  We pay a s@*t load of money per month for wizzy-fast broadband speeds – do we get them?  Short answer – No we don’t.   There is even a group on the book of faces in our local area to have a winge about the said company and what they are doing about it.   The local MP was featured recently celebrating the fact the Virginmedia are now going to be providing superfast 200mbps download speeds to Hartley Wintney and Phoenix Green – well those two areas can live in hope.   Mind you it is no wonder that Virginmedia chose these two places – there are a ton of new build houses going up there – so no revenue boosting opportunities, just providing this service from the goodness of their hearts….. The first takers of the service will be thrilled, and then as more and more houses are built and more people sign up it will gradually become slower and slower.   Like this area.  We were pleased with the service when we moved in,  but like Hartley Wintney and surrounds there has been massive building programmes and the service has become pretty poor.

Right – what’s next?   Oh I know, TV programmes that don’t know when it is time to stop! There were a couple of US programmes that we have on record, they used to be OK, mindless pap entertainment for an hour in the evening.  As the series have increased in number the so-called “plots” (ha!) have become more and more ridiculous and generally just so unbelievable as to be unwatchable.  I know the answer, but why do the programme makers carry on making these programmes – they must surely be losing viewers every season.  There is one that we put on to record just recently – TheOD will know which I am talking about – there is a character in it, who just so happens to speak practically every language under the sun, is an expert in all customs from every country and region of each country in the whole of the world.   I put this on last night and quite frankly, it lasted ten minutes – what a load of old tosh!  The series link will be gone very shortly.   There is quite a long list but I won’t bore you with it…. but needless to say I will be having a clear out of the recording options. 🙄

Ok so that is only three things that have irritated me in the recent days…..  I could go on, but this blog would get irritating too…..   One of the above three irritations I won’t miss and one of them is going to get so much more irritating………. when I do eventually pack up and leave –




2 thoughts on “Life’s Little Irritations

  1. If you have Netflix – try Hinterland – only 4 of them but they are worth a watch. Also on Netflix if Grace & Frankie if you fancy a giggle. 👍 Other than that I suggest we all go back to board games and reading books. 🙄


  2. As fellow residents of the connection-poor GU52 postcode, we share your pain!

    Any thoughts on suitable boxsets?… preferably those without the perennial ‘journey’ theme!!

    Liked by 1 person

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