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Finally!  TheOD is on the move……..  At the end of last week contracts were exchanged and this weekend she’s outta here.  Shall I hang the bunting and flags out ??? 😃😃  Or would that be too mean…. ??  0e721a0140aaef56a3230f579c8e7347Probably – so maybe just a small cheer inside my head as the moving van drives off down the road, weighed down by all the furniture being donated by her marvellous parents.  Luckily for her our move was happening otherwise there would be no furniture chez TheOD!  Not only furniture is departing on the van, but quite a lot of electrical items too.  Poor child has had to actually buy a washing machine – so sad. When His Lordship and I bought our first little house in Windsor, we moved in with a bed, a washing machine (bought by His Lordship’s parents) – and we had to buy garden chairs as we had nothing to sit on.  We had moved out of a furnished rented flat, well half a house really, in Richmond.  Where we were only next door neighbours to Dickie Attenborough, luvvie.    And Bamber Gascoigne – for those of you who remember University Challenge pre Paxman – lived just around the corner.

So after this coming Saturday, I will be rattling around in a half empty house for a little while.  Which got me to thinking “where will Olive sit?”  IMG_4777 As she does rather like to have a sofa all to herself , with a blanket for snuggling purposes.   It will be very cosy indeed if we all try to squish on to the one remaining sofa – and let me tell you, Pickford will not be impressed.   He’ll get all growly and show his teeth and just be generally very silly because nobody pays any attention to him.  “Typical females” he says.  Cheeky boy.  The other thing is VISITORS the following weekend.   Oh well, they know who they are and they know that TheOD is clearing me out of a lot of furniture.  At least there will still be a bed for them to sleep in.   Back to the dog’s evening sleeping areas…..  I can see it will be me that ends up sitting in His Lordship’s chair (not coming to the US – by the way) and then Pickford will try to squeeze his bum in with me, which makes it not all that comfortable.   But on the plus side, when the one sofa has gone with TheOD, I can have a rearrange of the room – one of my favourite things.  Looking forward to that.  Won’t take very long as there will only be two chairs  (His Lordships), one sofa and the side tables. Very tricky placement options – how will I fit it all in…..  😃

It’s funny how things are finally, seemingly going to plan – today we had word that the previous prospects have resold their house and are still very keen to purchase this one.  They have even sold to a first time buyer – so in effect a teeny-weeny chain.  BUT as the current prospects have nothing to sell then they are the better bet – on paper at least. Shack_in_Pigeon_Forge,_TN_by_Zachary_Davies Another survey, home buyers report or some such on Thursday – but following the other one recently done then we know that there is nothing seriously wrong with our little house.  Anyway, it is quite a nice position to be in, so if you could all just keep your fingers and toes crossed for a little while longer it would be much appreciated.   Also please make sure that you all do a No-Rain Dance on Thursday – survey day – better if it isn’t raining – house looks nicer in the sunshine.  As our estate agent says, if the current prospects try to negotiate on price after the survey we can tell them that we have the other offer at the same original price….. happy day.

Every time I open a cupboard there seems to be more “stuff” appeared – when I was looking for something in the office today. I found yet more cables and bits of computers – guess what will be happening to them.  Fortunately, I haven’t done the tip-run recently so they can be added to the ever-growing pile lurking in the garage.   Maybe that can be my treat for the coming weekend.

I do know how to have a good time. 🙄









2 thoughts on “Onwards………

  1. There’ s a thread of positive things starting to happen. Good news for the OD, hope it all goes well. As you your seating dilemma… my crystal ball tells me that the dogs will not be on the floor but their humans might be!

    Good luck for everything moving forward. xx

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