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Whilst browsing around the Book Of Faces today – I discovered a FB friend had posted some glorious photos of her garden. It is stunning, apparently she used to have a rare plants nursery before suffering an injury, after which she couldn’t carry on.  My little plot in North Hampshire looks a little bit sad in comparison.  But to be perfectly honest, I have not been inclined to spend that much time tweaking it and generally lavishing lots of attention on it.  The Wisteria is growing nicely but I think (hope) that is was at its absolute best last summer, not half as spectacular this year.   I may have been too heavy-handed with its winter prune.  Oops!


I got to thinking about what I might like in an American garden and more importantly, what was actually possible.  But it really rather depends on whether we make a purchase of a property in the North or the South – if we make a purchase at all.   IF in the South then I would hope that most of the garden would be taken up by a large pool – available for use by residents and guests.  But if in the North, we could have a bigger garden and possibly still have a pool, but not for year round use.   Pools in the North get put to bed for winter in about September and woken up around April/May time.  So is it worth the cost of actually having a pool for only 5 months of the year?  Probably not.   Anyway, a bigger garden is quite appealing and if it was my own garden I could do what I liked with it.   Apparently in some places there are laws about how the front garden is kept…. ridiculous – if it is your personal property why can’t you plant stuff to make it look nice rather than only having manicured green boringness.  I know in the South, in the area where we might purchase, there are some weird and wonderful by-laws…..

Not that I will be able to do gardening in the Rental house – except in containers.  I wonder if His Lordship has done any research on said items?  Probably not had time – he is a busy bee after all. 😇   Perhaps I will have blue pots on the front porch – I can put hostas and such like in them and obviously during the Christmas period they will be festooned with a gazillion lights…..   all white of course – very tasteful and restrained…………… You must ask His Lordship about the Christmas lights in the area – he will explain all.  glazed-potteryPots view1

I came across a list of the top 50 plants to make your “yard” beautiful.  Can’t believe what is on the list….  some of my all time favourites (NOT).  for example: Chrysanthemum, Azalea, Lupin, Gladiolus, Marigolds, Zinnias – and the list goes on…. Not on the actual list but very high on my list of “NOT in my garden” are conifers of all shapes and sizes.

My apologies to anyone who loves these plants – but I turfed out a whole load of orange plants and conifers when I moved into this current house leaving a pretty bare starting ground.  I wouldn’t give any of the above things house room if I had the choice.   Unfortunately I will have to live with what there is at the Long Island house, until I can get my hands on some containers and plants that I love which are suitable for pots.   Those of you that have seen my garden will know that the majority of these plants will end up being a white variety.   I wonder if I can get City of York rambling rose?  Probably not, but you never know your luck.  Sadly mine isn’t in full bloom yet only a couple of the flowers have opened up so far, but there are hundreds of buds, it will look spectacular.  Perhaps all the plants are aiming to be particularly brilliant this year to give me a good send off.   I do hope so.

City of York 

Or how about Rambling Rector? Another white rose – also a favourite.   We shall see when I get there and am zooming around having a jolly good explore, there must be some place other than Home Depot – that’s B&Q to you and me – that sells lovely plants.

Does the US have the equivalent to the RHS – something else to investigate….

Surprisingly on the top US top 50 list there were Poppies and Forget-Me-Knots – well surprising to me.  Got to have Poppies in my garden and I can grow these in pots too to start with.  Also featuring were Allium, which I love – this is one I have that is just about to burst out into its fab globe of star-shaped flowers…. brilliant thing.  I also have some that grow an enormous stalk, they just keep getting taller and taller and taller and eventually a teeny tiny flower pops open at the top. First one I had I thought it was a mistake as it is in quite a shady spot – so I thought it was heading for the nearest bit of light, but no, I now have others that do exactly the same.  Make me smile when I see them.IMG_4959

As I write this I am sitting in my garden in the sunshine, all three dogs have flaked out in the shade, Pickford is under the bench as per usual with a tennis ball close at hand just in case there is an opportunity for me to throw it for him.   Lovely afternoon, birds singing, the buzz of a bee and the piece de resistance – being serenaded by somebody learning to play the saxophone (I think).  How to drive somebody nuts – I think I am right in thinking he/she is trying to play the Star Wars theme – over and over and over again. Almost hitting an actual note on occasion too.   Yes, before anybody starts on at me, I know that they have to practice but seriously they have been at this particular “tune” for about 2 hours now.  I don’t know whether they are the same person but there is somebody who also practices playing at the same house – over the back fence, across the badger run in the next close – the theme from Pink Panther…….  also over and over and over again. Maybe they are planning on learning every popular film theme they can over the summer.  I look forward to the likes of ET,  Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Godfather et al.  Perhaps I could put in requests – I know what I would request first………

Off to get earplugs

Over and out until next time…………….

2 thoughts on “Gardening News

  1. The deep south option is purely for my benefit – G will still be working in NY – but it is an option. Heated pools only considered 🙂
    Also would be nice to have when G finally retires too….


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