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I like a Nice Cup of Tea & a Sit Down

Choices, choices, choices……

Today is the Great Mug Clearout!  TheOD has been handed all the various Disney related mugs that have been accumulated over the years.  There is now so much more space in the cupboard(s). I rather think that TheOD was quite surprised just how many there were…. she can have her own clear out when she gets into her little house.   Which incidentally she may well be in at the beginning of June – if all goes to plan next week for the Grand Exchange of Contracts.   Hallelujah…… not that I don’t love her but really it’s time for her to go now.  I know that it isn’t her fault but seriously folks – this house buying lark on her part has been dragging on and on and on and on and on and on.    You get the picture.   💕

I have culled a lot of the mugs previously but there are still lots and lots left.  Not to mention the ones that His Lordship has bought for his use in the US house.  Mind you I am a little bit guilty of helping him – I will own up to buying a couple of very nice mugs whilst exploring Northport shops back in January.  One of which is a shop that sells only TEA – marvellous.   I had a good ol’ mooch round that one but was mildly disappointed – a number of the teas are the ridiculous “flavoured” types – and some very weird flavours there were too for example – Chocolate Tea, Almond Tea (for iced tea – that’s a whole separate blog right there).


What is Chocolate Tea about, be better to have a cup of tea and a slab of lovely dark chocolate on the side, surely?   Not that I will be getting any lovely Dark Chocolate in the US.   Have you tasted American chocolate – eeeeuuuggh!!!!   When I was over there back at the beginning of the year I spotted some Green & Blacks Dark Chocolate – hurrah I thought, and bought some. Were we very underwhelmed by it on opening and tasting it?  I would say so….. tasted nothing like Green & Blacks – on checking the label to see where it was produced I discovered that it was manufactured in Poland.  So if you are ever in the US and are tempted by the very expensive Green & Blacks Choccie they sell in some stores – check where it is made before making your purchase.   We will have to rely on Chocolate parcels from the UK for supplies…. just a teeny weeny hint to you kindly souls reading this.   Dark Chocolate please – Not the one in the red wrapper that pretends to be dark chocolate which has never seen a cocoa bean in its life. 😱


Ooops sorry – went off on a bit of a tangent there – got side tracked by chocolate.  Which is unlike me!

Right, back to the Great Clearout.   So, TheOD’s mug collection is ready for wrapping and packing – my mug collection just been dishwashed, so now all ready for wrapping and packing by the Movers.  I even cleaned the shelves in the cupboards – saves me a job later on.  And then I thought to myself – “Why bother, New Prospects are probably going to rip the kitchen, bathrooms etc out and start again”.   But I don’t want to leave the house like the previous occupants left it for me!   Not going to go off down that road, but lets just say it was disgusting!

Back to mugs – why is it that some of us see a mug and need to get it?   In the cupboards of mugs in our house, there are Emma Bridgewater mugs – with chickens, dogs and my personal favourite the YORKSHIRE one.  We have mugs from places in Sanibel that have been bought over the years of holidaying there,  mugs with dogs on (obviously),  teeny espresso cups for His Lordship, mugs that are excellent for tea and some that are rubbish for tea so are used for coffee…. Am I the only one?   Sitting here with my mug of tea and thinking this is rather nice to be able to just spend your Sunday afternoon jotting down silly doodlings about nothing.  But of course the tea is in the right mug……

Do you think I should take all the remaining mugs and espresso cups,  not to mention the three teapots?  And there’s another thing that may have to be in a food parcel – proper tea.  Never mind that the shop in Northport sells loose tea – not convinced that it is any good – nice to have a browse round and for cups and things but when they stock so many different types of tea leaves – how can they all be in tip-top condition? Not even a table and chairs to sit and actually have a cup of tea.  Anyway, there is a loose leaf tea company whose name escapes me at the moment that does a really excellent loose leaf Earl Grey – available in Waitrose – another small hint…… Wait – I shall find the name and then you know for future reference.  Here it is – Brew Tea Co.  They include in their packets of tea little cards with “things to do whilst you brew”… the one I found has instructions on how to tie a half Windsor Knot… very useful.

Do you remember getting a card of some sort in a packet of tea?  PG Tips I think – correct me if I’m wrong.  So now you know how to go about tying a Half Windsor – those of you who need to can now do so with supreme confidence.

I aim to please………..  you’re welcome!


6 thoughts on “I like a Nice Cup of Tea & a Sit Down

  1. Chocolate in Australia is not up to scratch either – they actually make Cadbury’s to a different recipe to make it more melt resistant in the heat! We have learned to ONLY buy Lindt, as that is the only decent dark chocolate. Although, they have just changed their 70% recipe and now it tastes like cooking chocolate. URGH! At least we can get a good brew – the Aussies do like a good cuppa. I’m not sure if T2 is in the USA. They are a tea only specialist and their Irish Breakfast tea is excellent.

    As for the mugs – pack them all. We discarded loads, and now never have enough. The dishwasher has to go on far too often, just to keep up with my char drinking habits… 😀


  2. I’ve seen that, its hilarious. It was the lukewarm water in the US which made tea drinking a rather limp experience! We were in Wales today and yet more different water… or am I just too fussy 🙂 xx


  3. You’re right – probably does have something to do with the water – but generally they are rubbish at tea. Have you seen Second Best Marigold Hotel – Maggie Smith gives American girlie excellent instruction on how to make a cup of tea. Very funny – see it on YouTube if you haven’t seen the film xx


  4. Sometimes the tea itself is OK but the change in water can be an issue. Soft water from the Highlands made a completely different cuppa from the SE England. Still not used to it after 30 years!! I totally get the ‘mug love’, probably prefer china but definitely need something large…

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  5. We always take teabags when we go – no problems if in your baggage. George went back with lots of Chocolate in the baggage too. Or post is good too – sent Choc rations to Em whilst she was in Arizona.


  6. Are visitors to the US allowed to carry foodstuffs in their luggage? I’d be very peeved if I’d carted several bars of best chocolate over just to have them confiscated….. and the tea could be mis-identified and some other substance used for relaxation.
    Postage could be the answer.

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