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Profound It Is Not!


I read other people’s blogs and feel that I ought to be writing something much  more profound than what I am doodling……


However, most of you who know me pretty well will know that is never going to happen.   Life’s too short – if you don’t like something, or something is bothering you, you need the same attitude as a dog:

“If you can’t eat it or play with it, just pee on it and walk away.”

Obviously, as a human you probably shouldn’t go around peeing on things, that would get you into an awful lot of trouble.  But definitely walk away.   Or in my case, have a quiet couple of days then walk away.

So here I am back on track with the moving thing – again!  Current Prospects have nothing to sell so we are hoping for third time lucky.  This is the third offer we have had, first time ones just changed their minds and went off and got a new build, second ones lost their buyer, so here is the third and final Prospect.

However I am not going to talk about that, I just threw it in there for your information.  I have just been going through some stuff – more deciding whether keeping, throwing, or charity shop.   In the garage was a bunch of bits and bobs in a dog bowl – sorted out stuff and put what needed to go into the bin, in the bin, the rest into the tool box – which apparently is coming with.  Then I stood and looked at the dog bowl and had a flash-back moment to remember who the bowl belonged to :

I do believe that both of these beauties used it – the one on the left is Scully-Bully our very first dog, rescued from Battersea Dogs Home, Country Annexe in Windsor.  Funny old girl. And of course on the right you have the Grand Old Man Fairbanks – my very special boy. Both loved to bits and missed greatly.  That’s one more thing that I wish I could take with me to US – morbid moment ahead.  I have ashes of Grand Old Man Feeb and Her Royal Highness, Audrey – Queen of the Universe, but have been advised by movers that we shouldn’t take these with us as they may be thrown out by the over zealous customs officers in the US.  And that would make me very sad indeed.   So TheOD is in charge of looking after them – talking to them and making sure they are fine.   She’ll be very surprised when they talk back to her.

So, whilst standing in the garage with the dog bowl in my hand I had a little weep for my departed furry friends…..  HRH Audrey’s bowl is being made use of by the little toad that is Olive – she was granted special dispensation by His Lordship to use the sacred bowl.  If only she knew just how very privileged she is!

HRH Audrey checking on her subjects

You know this packing up and shipping off across the sea sounds like it will be a jolly good lark  But in reality it is extremely stressful.  If it hadn’t been decided that we were going to have this adventure, then I could be sitting here not worrying about house sale, sorting out possessions, worrying about how the dogettes will cope a) with the journey to get there and b) whether they will enjoy their new lifestyle.   Also on the agenda is TheOD and her move which seems to have turned into some sort of epic nightmare of a move.   Not only have they been waiting for a piece of paper from a Housing Association which were involved in their sellers original purchase of TheOD’s house – how long does it take to get a piece of paper – let me tell you – at the latest count it has taken 7 – yes SEVEN weeks – and today is the day that it should be with the seller’s solicitor.   Poor TheOD saw this lovely little house before Christmas 2015 and here we are now in the middle of May.  All things crossed for TheOD too please…..

Anyway, back to me (obviously, because this is All About Me) – as I was saying it is very stressful – deciding what should be going, what I need to get rid of, is anything worth selling – short answer No, can’t be arsed.  Some people have already disappeared over the sea with their three suitcases of clothing and are happily working away, leading a fairly normal life.  I know it isn’t fun rattling around your chosen rental house on your own, without even the dogs to talk to, but I can quite honestly say at this precise moment, I would rather be doing that than what I am left with.  Every time the phone rings and it is the Estate Agent, there is a moment of panic where I assume they are ringing to tell me that the Current Prospects have changed their minds.   Every time I go out in the car I worry that something will go wrong with it – really don’t want to spend money on it – bad enough getting it through its MOT this year.   Really hope that none of the animals get sick in the lead up to leaving as they won’t be able to travel – you know all the bad stuff that could happen, I will think of those as opposed to all the good things.   I should really try to concentrate on everything going very smoothly, no hitches along the way, everybody and everything will be great and in no time at all the house sale will have gone through and I will be frantically arranging packing and shipping of all the worldly goods and chattels that have made the cut.   I wonder if his Lordship will come home for that?  Perhaps The Company would allow him to come back here for a bit and work out of the UK for a couple of weeks.  We do still have an office in the house – just minus one desk.   Interweb connection pretty rubbish but you can’t have everything.

His Lordship hard at work

He would of course have the company of the Office Dog (s) as he beetled away doing whatever it is he does – don’t ask, if I told you then I would have to kill you….. (joking – obviously)

Moving swiftly on ………………

I’m sorry that this little blog of my is not deep and meaningful and full of profound statements and great philosophical debates but I’m not trying to impress, just jotting down silly thoughts and woes as they come to me.    Thank you for reading please share with anyone you may feel is interested in my dilemmas and random witterings.






6 thoughts on “Profound It Is Not!

  1. I am enjoying your musings so keep them coming. Most blogs are just too long and most people don’t have time to read long tomes these days. As a serial worrier I can empathise with you but at least you are making progress so, one step at a time as they say. I hope it is indeed 3rd time lucky and also that OD’s nonsense gets sorted out soon. Ciao for now…

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  2. Well you can always leave precious things with me till such time as you return or I go off to the cat heaven in the sky………….little sisters, what are they like?

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  3. I think it’s very sensible to think through all the things that could go wrong – that way you’ll have come up with a plan. I, on the other hand, don’t bother. And then get grumpy when it all goes to shit.

    As for blogging, profound-conschmound. I write a blog because it amuses me and read other blogs to be nosey and amused. I like knowing what other people are up to. Anything profound – I’d just get lost in the depths and never find my way back!

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