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Back to Square One


An unexpected twist – we have accepted an offer today from New Prospects who have nothing to sell!    Are we going to be that lucky?    Here’s hoping….



I am very pleased to announce that my luck is running true to form.   Not only did I not win the Euromillions Lottery this week, the Zervi house-selling luck continues to be pretty crap.  Yet again the chain has collapsed,  so we are back to square one – AGAIN.   Not the Prospects fault – their buyer was made redundant, but it is extremely frustrating.


Said Prospect has put their house back on the market at a reduced figure, maybe they are keen to sell and hoping to do so quickly in order to have a chance at buying my lovely house.   As previously stated in a recent blog, there will be no re-negotiation on price here.

Dogs are quite relieved I think as it means they can live in luxury for a little bit longer before being shipped out.   Hopefully the sun will keep shining and we have no rain or damp days whilst the house is back on the market.  I’m too lazy to keep cleaning……..

I am very relieved that I am not being shipped just yet.

On to Plan B.  Well it would be if I could think of one that would please all parties.  When I say all parties I mean His Lordship.

Been thinking about it for a little while – still no Plan B.  I have sort of got a half formulated plan but it needs a bit more thinking about which I will do when my brain can cope with it.  And so I am not going to tell you about it…

There is another family near us that have decided to remove themselves from the area – they put their house on the market – how long before it sells?  ONE DAY   ….. I’m starting to wonder what on earth is wrong with ours.   Does it have that “wet dog” stench and my nose is so used to it that I can’t recognise it any more?  Somebody out there please tell me if that is the case.

Looks fine to me

On the other hand, it may be that one of my lovely friends has been circulating the rumour about several bodies being buried in the garden and the ghosts of said bodies haunting the house on a nightly basis.   Who knows?

So if any of you lovelies that take the time to read this have a Plan B that I could use please pass on to me as a matter of some urgency.  Thank you.

In the meantime let me talk about lack of sleep – a subject very close to my heart at the moment.  I lie there in my lovely bed (by the way, I still haven’t decided if I am taking it) reading my book before lights out.  Eyelids get heavy and I have trouble keeping my little eyes open at which time I switch off the lights.   And BANG – wide awake – what is that all about I ask you?  Why is it that all the stuff that starts whirring around my head can’t do that during the day?  Why on earth does it have to wait until I am ready to sleep?  Maddening!  Even after a fairly energetic Zumba on a Tuesday and Wednesday evening – sleep eludes me.  And this Wednesday I was pretty energetic all thanks to the Magic Tape and still no sleep.   It is unfortunate that due to this state of affairs, TheOD gets up and goes to work without laying her eyes on her marvellous parent some mornings.  The parent gets up with the dogs at stupid o’clock and then goes back to bed.  The dogs like this as they get a pre-breakfast snack of a couple of biscuits each and then we all snuggle back down to sleep.  dog-biscuits-FI-1078x516px-02

The weekend is upon us again – and I won’t get a lie in tomorrow – viewers!   Perhaps the afternoon will be a lounging on the sofa looking at ancient films on the televisual device kind of day.   I hope you all have a good one!     See you next time xx


Not even a small rant – well, I did say “Possible rant Alert”

2 thoughts on “Back to Square One

  1. Oh what a Bugga! Hopefully one of the viewings this weekend will be your perfect buyer, it only takes one person to fall in love with your home.


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