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It’s Different over There


Misty woodland with Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)
Misty woodland with Bluebells (Hyacinthoides non-scripta)

I have been thinking about the differences between UK life and what life might be like in US.  There are the glaringly obvious differences, TheOD won’t be there, my family won’t be there, my lovely friends won’t be there, Zumbaettes won’t be there – all those are the ones I try not to think about too much as that is the sad part of this move.

So, we will move onto other things not related to persons I am leaving behind.

Looking out across my tiny patch of the UK landscape, at the moment it has lots of violas, tulips and the magnolia is out and even the grass has perked up a bit now we’ve had nearly a whole week of dry weather.  That will be summer then.   Hopefully, I will still be in the house when the Wisteria flowers as I am hoping that it is just as lovely as it was last year.  Took 12 years but finally it has crept all the way across the pergola – glorious.

Beautiful – 12 years in the making

Not having my own garden to potter around in is going to be different,  I will have to be a “pot gardener” – no you hippies, I mean growing flowers in containers.  Staff will come in and cut the grass and scrape up leaves and do the general tidying up stuff – the boring stuff.  But not being able to dig a huge hole, plant my own plants and watch them grow (or not) will be hard…. can’t rearrange what’s there either.    Not that there is anything.   His Lordship will have to go and do a reccie on the good places to buy containers and plants.

The wide open spaces over there are HUGE – you can go for miles and miles and miles and miles without seeing anther soul.   I know we can do that here too in some places still where the land hasn’t been designated for housing – yet.  We have beautiful countryside here, bluebells out all over the place at the minute – do they even have bluebells?  And if they don’t, I’m not allowed to take any.  Pretty places over there too – have driven through some on Long Island – very picturesque.  Pretty harbours, attractive small towns with lots of interesting and quirky shops – not your usual one on every high street variety.  Those are in the big city, at the gigantic Mall and the ever-present Outlet Mall.

1Y3reGoogle is a wonderful thing – this is Montauk Lighthouse – No doubt His Lordship will either confirm or deny in the comments section.

Size  – that’s a difference, right there!   Have you seen the size of a US parking spot?   A double-decker bus would be allocated the same space over here.   Mind you they do have to take into account how bad they are at driving – seriously bad.   Even the smallest of their vehicles – probably the Mini – can’t park like a proper person.  Give them acres of space and they still take up more than one spot.  Good grief, if that were in my local council area the parking police would be there in an instant slapping a ticket on your windscreen. Fortunately, there are enough spaces for it not to be an issue – elreyblkescalade-2good job because I intend to take up at least three spots in the ENORMOUS vehicle I will have.

Weights and Measures – who knew a gallon could be two sizes depending on what side of the pond you are on.  One UK gallon is the equivalent of 1.2 US gallons.  One US pint is 16 fluid ounces whereas UK pint is 20 fluid ounces – so when any of our visitors arrive and ask for a pint of beer (if that is their drink of choice) they will find themselves getting less than normal.  Also, unless you are having one of the millions of Craft beers, American beer (lager) is generally pretty dire, so I would advise not to bother with any of the mass-produced weak watery stuff and stick to the Craft Selection.   On the other hand, those of you who like a G&T or some other spirity drink, you will be overwhelmed by the generosity of the barman whilst pouring the spirit portion of your drink.  None of the teensy weeny overpriced 25ml (0.87 fluid oz) of your chosen tipple.  A normal US measure of spirits is 1.5fl oz (44ml), most bartenders will carry on pouring the spirit into the glass as they empty the measure.  Mind you, it will be watered down with copious amounts of ice unless you say not to.   Be prepared visitors!

Cheers!                             Have a lovely weekend



6 thoughts on “It’s Different over There

  1. Not related: I love your little doggy paw heart icon. It’s adorable!! (And from Down Under – the bartender isn’t allowed to sell you a double serve of spirits. It’s against the law…) Poor Daddy Tom… we have to reserve G&Ts for chez nous when he’s in town.

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  2. It’ll be very different, but in a good way. Look at it like this, you’ll be ‘The Brits’ so people will be interested in you and want to get to know you. 😀

    They certainly have Bluebells in Texas, they call them Bluebonnets, don’t know if they have them where you’ll be.

    Be you didn’t think you’d be embarking on such a big adventure now!

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