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The Waiting Game



There is one thing that is very frustrating about selling your house in England, the fact that it isn’t actually sold until the contracts have been exchanged.  So up until that point your buyers can turn round and just say “Meh – changed my mind” or possibly if they know that you are keen to go “let’s renogiate the price – downwards.”   The Prospects  have had the valuation survey done – 10 minutes.  Next it is the Homebuyers Report – the time I have been given is 9am to 12noon.  What’s he doing for 3 hours – rummaging in cupboards, having a general nosey round?  I know he is there to check that the house isn’t falling down around our ears and is not likely to fall down round The Prospects ears in the near future.  But let’s face it the house is 15 years old – how bad can it be? Being the massive cynic that I am , I am sure that said Prospects will pick up on any teeny tiny negative reported and try on the “price renegotiation.”   I can assure you that they will be sent away with a large flea in their ear if they do.  It’s a good job His Lordship isn’t such a pessimist.

So, all the endless lists that I am making in my head may turn out to be completely pointless.   It’s a jolly good job I’m not writing anything down as that would be a complete waste of paper.   But on the off chance that everything is going to run smoothly – (The Prospects are very keen to get their children into the local school, which possibly means that I am way off in my assumptions) – what could possibly go wrong with my planning :

  1. What goes to the tip?  There is a stack of stuff in the garage
  2. What goes to the charity shop?  There is a stack of stuff in the garage
  3. What is TheOD taking? There is a stack of stuff in the garage

No chance of any of it getting muddled  – should I get labels?QMS08

Until a date for exchange is agreed (in principle) I can’t seriously contemplate arranging the dogs transport, organising the shipping company to come and pack up.  But……..  this isn’t the only thing that is going to slow things down, TheOD hasn’t had an exchange date on her house yet, only been going through the motions since before Christmas 2015!  Because I am generally a brilliant parent, I am not going to make TheOD homeless.  As if I would do such a horrid thing…

His Lordship (and me) need to get this move sorted – it has been on the cards now for almost a year.  Not everybody has been aware of it for that long but it is time now for it to happen.  As I keep saying to His Lordship – I am not doing this all in a rush at the last minute.   There he sits in US working hard and waiting for the dogs to arrive and as an added bonus  – Me.  Perhaps he can be persuaded that when we get something resembling an actual date of exchange of contracts he needs to get here on or about that time and then stay until we can all until ship out. We can but try……..

10079541-computer-parts-in-trash-can-grey-background-Stock-Photo To be perfectly fair to His Lordship he has sorted out the electronic stuff – apart from the pile of wires and I think what is a Notebook Samsung thing on the shelf in the office and assorted other bits of nonsense in a cupboard.   But he can hardly be expected to see that as it would mean opening a door and looking rather than going into a room and having a “Man Look” – if it isn’t on display, it isn’t there.  Then there is the man drawer in the kitchen – but I can deal with that, just need a large bin bag!









7 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. It was the same in Australia. We put an offer in and 4 weeks later, we were living in the house. The accepting of the offer is the exchange of the contract, pretty much. So you’re tied in right from the get-go. Scary, but so much better!

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    1. How simple is that? Ridiculous, complicated system her in UK…. Poor E has been hanging on since before Christmas – not exchanged yet but hopefully will get a date next week! Apparently the average time from offer to completion is 16weeks (some a lot longer mind you and some shorter).


      1. When we sold up it was tortuous. We were on the end of a chain, which broke down at the 11th hour. And when the same purchasers came back after a new offer, of course they wanted to renegotiate their original offer…


  2. Soooooo much simpler buying in the US, see it, like it, offer, survey, DONE! No renegotiating, no backing out, why can’t we do that?

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