The Great Bed Dilemma

obviously not my bed – it’s not covered in dogs.

Do I or do I not ship the big bed?  This may seem a wee bit trivial but it is a very important decision.   As some of you may know, American bed sizes are a bit odd to us Brits –

  • Twin: 38″ x 74″- (single)
  • Twin Extra Long (XL): 38″ x 80″ (Tall single people)
  • Full: 54″ x 74″ (double)
  • Queen: 60″ x 80″ (King size)
  • King: 76″ x 80″ (Superking 6ft)
  • California King: 72″ x 84″(Also for very tall people – possibly with a friend)

The big bed I refer to is a Superking – UK 6ft mattress, so looking at the sizes above, no mattress would fit.   Their King is too wide, California King is the right width but too long!  When we let them win their independence perhaps we should have insisted on having the same bed sizes!  Just saying!  (Don’t get me started on their “gallon” size)  Or maybe I am being harsh, perhaps it is the UK that have modified the bed sizes to fit with the centimetres that we apparently now use.

So, here’s the thing.  Do I buy a lovely new mattress for my lovely Superking bed frame and ship it out?  His Lordship has obviously made a purchase of a bed for the US house – which I have to say is very comfortable.  He follows instructions very well.  That would mean my lovely bed frame and possible new mattress would be relegated to being a spare, which is not an issue, visitors will be comfortable. Not that I am expecting any visitors….. only got a list as long as my arm.   I love my bed, in fact I am in it now writing this blog having the first cup of tea of the day,  the kids are here too, they’ve had a chicken wing (pre-brekkie snack) and are now snoozing (pre-brekkie nap).

And that’s another issue – the dogs have taken up residence across pretty much all the bed.  His Lordship may have trouble reclaiming his space.  Actually, I have trouble claiming any space – I seem to end up clinging to the very edge of the bed whilst the three creatures are spread out, all perfectly comfortable.  Yes,OK,  I know it is my own fault for allowing them upstairs and on the bed in the first place.

Perhaps one of these would be an option?  The only trouble with those is that the doggettes wouldn’t want to be in the designated area, they would want to be “touching” – not so much the reserved English Gentleman, but the two Soppy Italians are another story entirely. I can just see me and His Lordship squished into the attachment whilst the doggettes are lounging in luxury.

The OD is taking a couple of double beds for her house – so there will be one normal size double and the Big Bed, so if both the remainder were shipped off then there would be no need to spend money on spare beds in US.  BUT, I would need to get new sheets, pillows and duvet covers (and that’s another thing to talk about but would take far too long here)  before shipping.


First world problems…..





4 thoughts on “The Great Bed Dilemma

  1. I see a gap in the market. None of this doggy bed at the side, we need a human bed with a built-in dog section in the middle.

    So that could end up being a human bed masquerading as a dog bed, dispensing with the need to reclaim space through the night. Rohan’s worse than the twins!

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  2. Cam and Dexter were checking out the sleeper beds, and want to put in an order. Not that Dexter is technically allowed on a bed….or upstairs…Because The Grumpster. But he could definitely find it in him to keep a human company, if there were EVER a need!

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