It’s All About Me

Just so we get things clear at the start…. this is my first ever bit of blogging, so if it all goes pear shaped and is totally uninteresting then I apologise and will strive to do better next time.   But, if it is totally uninteresting then I guess there will be nobody reading the next time!

As a fifty-something female, who in all honesty is not overly tech-savvy, you may be wondering why I have decided to do this.  Well, there are some big changes happening in my life at the moment, but I will get to those later!    First of all, The Barkery Kitchen is my teeny, tiny business.  I have been baking delicious, handmade dog biscuits for 2 years and they were very popular amongst the canine society of the UK.   Some were even exported to Australia and shared between 3 dogs* who wrote me a fantastic review.  Clever dogs.

*Technically one of those dogs is a cat but don’t tell him that.

The Barkery is on hold for a little bit… website still there, FB page still there, Twitter account still there but nothing much happening since around Christmas 2015. And I shall tell you why..

The Lord of the Manor has relocated his job to New York – that’s right the one in USA (actually not sure whether there is another one) – and so the whole household will be travelling out to join him.  When I say the whole household that is not strictly true, it will be the household minus one daughter – actually the only daughter.



Dogs will be shipping out, they are not happy that they cannot fly in the actual cabin though.



His Lordship departed these shores in November 2015 and has been rattling around in a rented house on Long Island by himself since then.  I, on the other hand am here dealing with the sale of the UK house, which is just marvellous.  How can something that is seemingly so simple a task take so long?  However, we have finally accepted an offer – not a brilliant one but enough – so things will be moving along.  That is unless the buyers change their minds.

So here I am sorting stuff out, going through my wardrobe – again, to see what I can get rid of.  Obviously not shoes.   The garage is stuffed with things that Only Daughter (OD) is transferring to her new house with the BF, and assorted junk.  His Lordship may well be missing things of great importance when our goods and chattels arrive Stateside – I can only guess at what is vital and what is not.  Oh well.

The point of me starting this blogging malarkey is to record the process of getting organised for the move across the ocean – somebody, somewhere has probably already written it all – but this is my little version.  No doubt some days there will be ranting of epic proportions but hopefully it will be mostly a positive thing.

Right that might be enough for today – don’t want you readers to overload on excitement just yet – must get on!




3 thoughts on “It’s All About Me

  1. I’m only going to keep reading so I don’t miss the rantings of epic proportions. Not that I’m not very interested in your move. (It will be nice to read about how one organises these things properly, even if a little belatedly). And I have no aspiration to do any further cross ocean moves, thank you!! Two is enough for one lifetime. xx

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